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A Better SEO Performance? Stay Updated

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Search Engine OptimizationWhether you like it or not, SEO trends will always have an effect on your optimization game. If you fail to keep up, you’ll lose opportunities; if you stay ahead, you’ll find a gold mine.

Keeping up with 2017 trends polishes your current strategy. It’s the must-have for better budgeting, techniques, and implementation of your business. Since the industry changes constantly, it’s important to understand the effect of technological advancements on your business.

The best of SEO’s white label fixes matter, but are you updated with these trends?

The Blurred Line Between Content and UX

Content explosion already reigns supreme this 2017. As a result, the competition in the field of online content became a more challenging arena. Audiences now have less patience for good content that comes with a bad user experience.

Today’s SEO strategies should go beyond optimization’s technical aspects. Success means combining good UX with good content.

This includes a push for the following:

  • Mobile-first design for websites and applications
  • Relevant and actionable content
  • Framework that is easy to use, navigate, and understand

User Intent Optimization

The reigning mindset in SEO: keyword volume is crucial. And you’re right – it is.

Keywords have always been essential components for optimization. But it shouldn’t be just about inserting a few keywords here and there; it’s all about finding the right keywords.

Fortunately, advanced tools such Ahrefs give you a better perspective about customers and what they want. Through keyword research, you receive third-party insight that will help your business better understand the market: what do they want? Where do they want it?

Optimizing content around user intent results in relevant content customers will read. This also means better rankings in Google.

The Growth of Local Search

Local SEO remains a relevant factor for most small and medium-sized businesses. If your business aims for an increase in sales and qualified traffic, focusing on local SEO strategies is the way to go.

Today, most users depend on their mobile phones for instant access to online content. As more people use their phones, they also look for information on local businesses. That’s where local SEO comes in.

If you want the business to take advantage of local SEO, it’s time to open a Google My Business account.

As you go through the path of online optimization, take note of the trends above. Remember: your customers are changing, and so is SEO. Keep running strong by keeping up with these trends.

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