Be Careful While Indemnifying Insurance Certificates!

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Insurance CertificateMost companies nowadays are opting to underwrite and issue insurance certificates on behalf of their customers, instead of having a centralized body completing the indemnification process. Expediting this process is an insurance certificate tracking software, which has made it easier to identify all the certificates issued for a particular customer. Utilizing this application, you can now easily evaluate the insurance expiration date.

Companies usually consider the following while issuing an insurance certificate:

  • Insurer’s details: The insurance certificate will have all details regarding the age, gender, health, occupation and other relevant information. This will ensure that the certificate issued covers all the necessary eligibility criteria to purchase the insurance.
  • Financial details: Occupational and financial details have to be mentioned, as your credit history is essential to make you eligible or ineligible to purchase an insurance policy. Hence, the indemnifying process requires all details of the insurer to be evaluated.
  • All other certificates: You can choose to purchase multiple insurance certificates. However, life insurance, auto and medical insurance are the three most important ones. Hence, the insurance certificate that is issued should reflect details of the other insurances that you might have purchased and the insurance tracking software should identify which is which.
  • Property details: It is essential that the insurance certificate issued by the company reflects the mortgages that you have taken. In case you have recently bought a house on mortgage, then your insurance certificate should reflect it.
  • Insurance details: The insurance certificate issued should reflect all details regarding the particular insurance. In other words, it should have details such as date of issuing of insurance, insurance value, premium dates and insurance expiration dates.

Discuss with the insurance company all details relating to your credit history and occupational specifics, to ensure that the insurance certificate reflects all your personal details correctly.

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