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Be Summer Ready: 7 Must-have Pool Accessories and Equipment

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Plunging in a swimming pool is the best way to beat the scorching summer heat. Adding pool accessories will make this recreational structure even more fun and exciting. They also keep the pool at the ideal temperature and free from unwanted debris. Some upgrades can even help you maintain the pH level of your pool.

All pool owners should consider the pool’s size and type first before purchasing any accessory to ensure the contractor does the pool maintenance properly—no one wants to swim in a gloomy or cloudy pool anyway. Below are the must-have pool accessories to level up that swimming experience during the hot summer months.

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Inflatable Loungers

An inflatable lounger is the top must-have for every pool owner. It helps a person float on the pool and is great to use for those who love sunbathing. It comes in different sizes, shapes, and colors, but you should consider getting cup holders and back support. Make sure to store it at room temperature and away from sunlight after every use to avoid deformities and bulges near the seams.

Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Playing the top songs on the music charts is a must to enjoy a pool party, especially those with sick beats. The most convenient way to play music in the pool is by using a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is a must for this pool accessory to have at least eight hours of battery life and can withstand getting wet for a couple of minutes.

Floating Snack Table

The convenience of staying in the pool while taking a quick snack or drinking a bottle of beer is the reason why pool owners must have this accessory. The best floating snack table to purchase is the one with both plate and cup or beer holders. Some even have phone holders intended for binge-watching Netflix. It is available in inflatables or solid plastic with floaters.

Automatic Pool Vacuum

People who do not want the expense of hiring professionals for pool maintenance must own an automatic pool vacuum. It easily scrubs the pool’s floor and walls with just a touch of a button. The accessory works by submerging itself to the bottom of the pool and taking in all the unwanted debris. The chain-tracked wheels make it possible for the gadget to move underwater.

It is a must to clean its filter after every use to avoid contaminating the pool once it’s time to clean it again. Filter replacement after use is an expensive option. Take time to read the manual for the recommended filter replacement.

Propane-powered Pool Heater

Chilling in the pool after sunset while gazing at the clear night sky is one relaxing activity any pool owner would surely do after a stressful day at work. However, pools get cold during the night, and bathing during this time causes colds or fever. Setting an ideal temperature for the pool is possible by using a propane-powered pool heater.

It is a safer option than electrical heaters, which are prone to short circuits if not appropriately maintained. Before purchasing, pool owners must check the heater’s nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to keep the environment clean and avoid safety hazards.

Floating Pool Lights

Make night swimming more fun by adding floating pool lights. These accessories give a relaxing ambiance, perfect for romantic dinner dates by the pool. It is best to purchase the solar-powered ones because they automatically turn on at sunset and turn off during the day while charging simultaneously.

Aside from improving the pool’s aesthetics, floating pool lights also improve the water’s visibility when walking around the pool in the middle of the night when everyone is asleep.

Pool Covers

Covering the pool when not in use saves up a lot on the pool’s maintenance expenses. It avoids the frequent cleaning, filtering, and treatment of the water, saving money, time, and effort. Leaving the pool open and not being used for a long time leads to the growth of pool algae that puts everyone’s health at risk.

Before buying a pool cover, you must measure your pool and choose the material most suitable for the climate. If your budget permits, you can opt for an automatic pool cover.

Building a swimming pool is already expensive, so keep in mind that it is not necessary to purchase everything listed above at once. Be a wise pool owner and buy what is needed according to the budget to avoid compromising the pool’s maintenance. Find the time to consult a pool contractor at least once a year to check the pool’s structural integrity. Always treat the swimming pool as one of the go-to spots to have a good time.

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