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Build the Ensemble: Mixing and Matching Clothes

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Building a wardrobe is something that many people overlook. They think that to look good, they will need to buy expensive brands and hoard pieces, some of which they will outgrow and hardly use. Building your wardrobe is pretty much like art. You need to be creative and play around with different elements and pieces. It is about trials and errors, which will eventually lead you to the right clothing combinations that are stunning and captivating. You may find this endeavor challenging at first, but be playful and unleash your inhibitions. After all, it is you who will be wearing the pieces.

Mixing and matching clothes are skills that you can hone over time. You are always in a constant state of reinvention. Your mood often influences the mixes and matches. Nevertheless, it is an aspect that you can carry into your profession, should you decide to venture into fashion and work with private label clothing manufacturers.  If you are looking for some ways you can learn how to mix and match pieces, you are reading the right article. Here are some of the tips that will help bring out your inner fashionista and stun your family and friends.

Invest in key pieces

To get the right mixes of clothes, you have to invest first in key pieces. The key pieces are clothing items that are versatile and can stand the test of time. Some of them can be trendy, but they will never get out of style. For one, the little black dress is an investment piece that you can use for parties, formal gatherings, and galas. But you can also use it as casual wear by dressing it down. For men, button-downs and navy blue blazers will always be the go-to pieces for smart-casual looks.

Have fun with colors

Colors are an expression of your personality, so have fun with your color combinations. But if you want to be safe, start with safe mixes, such as complementary shades (black and white, neutrals and black, and the like). You may want to experiment with monochrome attires; you can wear a beige dress and pair it with a blazer in darker beige. Primary colors also make choices. But if you want to be adventurous, you may want to go for patterns and prints.

Punctuate your look with the right shoes

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The art of mixing and matching clothes should end with the right pair of shoes. For casual get-ups, you will never go wrong with white sneakers. For a dressed-down look, casual sneakers make sense. But if you want to up the game of your shoe game, white leather shoes are nice. Invest in key pieces, such as brogues (for men) and stilettos (for women).

Mixing and matching clothes is an art that you will want to master. It is your way of expressing yourself, and it is a means of giving people an impression of your aesthetics. You may have troubles and challenges at first, but if you persevere, you will become a legit fashionista.

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