Connecting to the World with a Dish

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Satellite Dish Singapore is home to numerous international companies’ regional offices. Naturally, investing in good telecommunications technology for overseas calls and other digital communication is a necessity. If you are looking to upgrade your company’s communications capacity, satellite internet might just be what you need.

Easy to install

Shifting to satellite internet is as easy as installing other internet connections. This will only require installing a satellite dish outside your company building and setting up your new network.

Unaffected by terrain

Unlike cable or DSL, satellite internet can be installed in mountainous terrain or remote locations. If your company is into cargo or transportation you can also have satellite internet on your ships so that they are always connected.

Global coverage

If you frequently travel, you can have unhindered connectivity with satellite internet. Singtel Satellite states that global satellite internet services can provide enterprises with end-to-end high bandwidth.

Sturdy connection

Cable and DSL internet connections can be affected by power outages and bad weather. With satellite internet, however, your connection is truly wireless, so it is not dependent on cable lines working. If your building has power, your company can still connect to the internet.

 Great for Multiple Users

With satellite internet, there is no limit to the number of people who can access your connection, so all of your staff can connect simultaneously, along with all their devices.

Always Ready to Use

Satellite internet does not require you to sign in every time you want to connect to the internet. As long as you do not sign out your devices, your internet connection is always ready to use.

Businesses and companies rely heavily on their ability to communicate with their partners, clients, and other offices. Even if your company is not international, you can benefit from the features of satellite internet.

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