Corporate Training that’s just Lecture is No Training at All

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Corporate TrainingLest you forget, people were already learning even from the womb. From the onset, a child expands his little universe by learning about things bit by bit – handling those sweet-sounding crib toys and later on crawling under tables and chairs. It was a glorious learning experience but often it never did involve just one sense.

In the corporate world, training should take a hint, Velpic professes. Devoid of multisensory inputs, it could fall short in truly creating the transformation it seeks.

Glorious Learning

Studies point out that indeed children learn by relying heavily on their senses to process information. Engaging not just one sense is a surefire way to better the child’s learning process. To present a concept best, it must utilize as many senses as possible so as to trigger better cognitive connections. But the benefits of multisensory learning need not be consigned to a child.

Research shows that even in the adult world, perception stimulated by a single sense is wanting. As we utilize constant multisensory stimulation to experience the world we live in, utilizing such multisensory facilities brings learning to its optimum level.

Making the Most of It

Corporate training that doesn’t utilize the multisensory aspect of learning would also be severely limiting. To be effective, corporate training must maximize on man’s many senses (e.g., visual, auditory, gustatory). This way, information is better received and more learner involvement is solicited. Getting into a sole lecture-type training devoid of audio-visual aids whatsoever constitutes a gross disservice of a worker’s time.

This is the reason that utilizing multimedia presentation platform online that brings into the equation multisensory inputs (e.g., voice, music, video) is timely. Not only does it raise the retention process, it makes sure professionals who have work to do and deadlines to meet, don’t waste their time enhancing themselves. And surely, as you and your team learn better, your enterprise moves forward faster.

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