Creating Sharable and Linkable Content

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Digital Advertising Studio in SydneyContent is still the most important aspect of any online marketing campaign, whether it is video or blogs. This is also a part of any successful link building strategy. Digital advertising studios, such as Sydney's Digital Ads International Pty Ltd, note that you need to learn how to integrate the two to succeed.

Link-Worthy Content

The Internet has changed over the past years, and people are getting more creative when it comes to creating different types of content. You have several options such as blog posts, articles, whitepapers, listicles, photos, pictures, videos, case studies and others. However, not all of these are link-worthy; these serve their purpose whether it is to boost conversion or raise awareness. That is why it is important to define your marketing strategy clearly to identify which type is ideal.

The initial step to take when it comes to producing content that people link to is, understanding why they want links to your website.

Making the Connection

Most people link a piece of content they find on their website or share it on social media because they find it useful and entertaining or because it elicits a certain emotional response. Other people have their blogs, articles or videos shared because of their brand or reputation as an authority. Search engines use the number of links to your site as a signal to its relevance, which also helps you bump up your ranking.

Branding and developing a value proposition are two things you must also focus on. The former makes your company and products recognisable to potential customers. It also helps create positive associations with your offerings. The latter enables you to communicate your company values and deliver a strong, singular message to your audience of who you are and how you can help them.

Content and link building are two symbiotic strategies that you need to focus on to succeed. Finding the right team and knowing your brand inside and out will boost traffic and conversion rates.

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