Do You Have a Specific Set of IT Skills?

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IT support skillsTalent is lacking, and companies are having a tougher time at filling specific roles. In fact, 46% of businesses are reporting difficulties with hiring. If you go with the law of supply and demand, you’re looking at an increase in salary for jobs that are in great demand. And in a technologically driven society, that means more companies need more people in IT.

In Hot Demand

Businesses continue to invest big in technology, with mission-critical systems and applications. So companies need the right people with the right set of skills and credentials to run units. The most in-demand IT roles are in big data, cloud technologies, and security, according to a report from CIO.

The three major areas are emerging IT career fields. The outlook for each one is upbeat. So upbeat that the industry expects businesses will need 1 million data scientists by 2018. So you’re sure to have a job when you choose a career in IT.

The IT Path

Whether you’re still considering what course to take in college or mulling a career shift, you have several opportunities to take advantage of this demand. Of course, you’ll need the basic skills, including curiosity and critical thinking. Both of which will help you cope, if not excel, in a rapidly changing field.

You also need further training and obtain certification for most IT roles. For example, if you want a job in tech support, you’ll need a CompTIA A+ certification to master the technologies involved with your job, and to get hired by the best companies. Many would-be tech support personnel ensure their certification by taking an adequate practice exam for CompTIA A+.

If you want a job in security or networking, you’ll need a CompTIA certification for Security+ or Network+. You can also take practice tests for either area.

Other IT skills that businesses need are UX/UI development, machine learning/AI specialization, and QA testing. But businesses are not just evaluating hard skills. They’re also looking for soft skills, which can help you excel in your field. While you’re learning, for example, new trends in data breaches and cloud computing, you’ll also need to hone skills in communication, presentation, and problem-solving.

IT skills are in big demand. Seek training. Get credentials. And take advantage of this lucrative career now.

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