Equipment Must-Haves for a Ship Crew

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A ship preparing to sail Any seaman or shipping crewmember would know the dangers that come with working on a ship. Going on a shipping trip for the first time soon? Remember that the following equipment should be present in the vessel.

Oil Spill Kit Is the First-Aid Response to a Disaster

There have been enough disastrous oil spills in history that ship crews should already have a plan in place should it happen on a particular journey. One of the ways this is possible is through having a marine oil spill response kit – a product offered by firms such as Argyle Commercial – for the entire crew.

This device makes it easier to sift oil from water so that the seas will go through contamination.

A Helmet Is a Protection Gear Against Falling Objects

There are parts of the ship where heavy objects are located. When going near these places, it may be best to wear a helmet. Not only does it provide protection to your head should one of these heavy objects fall, but it will also prevent considerable body damage in the occasion of accidental falls.

Welding Shields for Repair Work

Welding is one of the usual tasks mariners and shipping employees do aboard. It is also one of the most dangerous. It is important that the workers have a welding shield to prevent any damage from happening to the body.

Safety Goggles to Secure Eyes

Vision plays a crucial role in any shipping and marine position, so it is important that the eyes have protection when doing risky activities on the job. Using safety goggles is one of the most effective ways to do this. For activities on the ship, there are generally two types of protective eyewear.

Welding goggles usually protect from high-intensity sparks during welding while protective glasses have a more general protective purpose.

In conclusion, there are ways to prevent accidents on board the ship. All it takes is planning critically and having the tools that will be useful if things do not turn out as expected.

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