Features which Separates Ideal FBO Tracker Tools from Others

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Technology is an undeniable asset for aviation services and fixed-base operations. Allowing menial tasks to be automated, FBO management systems have increased the efficiency of flight businesses around the globe.

But with the many options in the market today offering the same services, what unique features should be checked to make a definitive choice? Here are some of the features that you will only see in a specialized FBO management tool.

Schedule Tracker

Schedule trackers or flight monitoring tools are pretty common, but detailed operation schedule tracking features are rare. With the diversity and complexity of FBO operations, it is essential that all activities are tracked.

Ideal FBO management systems should include features which update its users on the status of all its activities. As all activities in FBO are interconnected, a tracker of the estimated time of accomplishment of these tasks is equally important. The updates must be in real time so that the management can take appropriate steps when one activity is delayed.

Personnel Tracker and Communications

A full-access FBO tracker tool like My Flight Solutions should include features which allow the monitoring of personnel. The monitoring should not be limited to their activities, but should also include monitoring of their current certifications and access. Other tracking tools allow for quick response messaging as well as internal mailing systems. This allows the entire company to be more organized as all processes and activities are limited and confined to one application.

Business Management

An ideal FBO tracker tool will automate the tedious aspects of business management. Among the many features that should be automated by your tool are billings, transaction monitoring, account updates, and other activities relevant to payment processing. These are activities that often take too much time but do not contribute to the real operations of the business.


Cloud accessibility is also an important feature in any FBO management system. A cloud feature grants users remote accessibility when one is off-site. It also gives the database more room due to the higher storage capacity. Most importantly, it allows the maintenance of a fool-proof data recovery system.

With the many options in the market, take the time to study the features that will work best for you. Find one which allows full customizability as each corporation is still unique.

Management systems should allow enough room for customizability to fully cater to the needs of the business. From access to activities to transaction security, it should be fully customizable. Choose a management system that caters specifically to the needs of your business, its strengths, and its weaknesses.

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