How to Recover After Getting Hit by Google Penalty

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Google is the top search engine site ingoogle the world, which is why companies pattern their SEO methods to the standards implemented by the website. This helps them get better rankings by using the ethical techniques recognized by Google. Using underhanded tactics, though, can get the business website penalized.

Experts say that once you get punished by Google, you should act on it immediately. If not, you will see a sudden traffic drop and decreased ranking. This is not a lost cause yet as you can still salvage your website by hiring a Google penalty removal service from companies.

Identify All Bad Backlinks Manually

Backlinks are the primary reason for penalties. When you are trying to recover your rankings, you must identify all your backlinks recognized by Google. Once you have the list, find the bad ones manually or use Monitor Backlinks. Tools that automatically identify bad links are not guaranteed; these may accidentally disavow you of your best backlinks.

Send a Request for Link Removal

After filtering your bad backlinks, you need to file a request for its removal. First, you need to send an email containing your request for link removal. Use the email address of the company instead of a free provider. This also helps webmasters know that you own the website.

Next, keep track of the request email you sent. There are tools that can show if your email has been read or not by the receiver. Check your inbox regularly to see if the webmaster has replied. You can change the settings to allow your personal email account receive the emails sent to your website.

Possible Request Outcome Scenarios

There are three scenarios that can happen with your request. One is that it will be accepted and your bad links will be removed. Another is it will be denied. In this case, you have to disavow the entire domain altogether. Lastly, the webmaster will ask for a fee. Do not pay them and just disavow the domain. Whatever the outcome of your request may be, disavow the remaining bad backlinks.

Getting a penalty is not the end of the road for your website. You can still alter things with the right process and information. To avoid experiencing it in the future, be mindful of your SEO methods and choose only qualified companies to provide them for your website.

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