Hustle Work Should Also Come From The Heart, Not Just The Brain

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We understand why some people may have their grievances over mingling passion with business opportunities and career. While others have found success in drawing a clear distinction between the two, we firmly believe that today’s business climate is geared towards value-added through creativity. In fact, given the rise in self-employment, freelancing jobs, and the growing popularity of the gig economy, it’s pretty clear where the vast majority of people are leaning for work-life balance.

As a result, any aspiring entrepreneur or newly-made business owner can’t simply rely on traditional principles of following the book to a fault because there’s inherent practicality and advantage when chasing after something you believe in. And once you consider the ever-changing business landscape due to innovation and further development in emerging tech sectors, today’s business world demands you embrace what the heart desires if you want to reach your audience in a meaningful way.

You Can’t Provide Value With Something You Don’t Care About

For starters, no matter how much time, effort, and resources you sink into market research and trend analysis to discover the most saleable products and services for your online business startup, all of these actionable steps will feel hollow in value because there’s a dissonance between you and the company itself. Therefore, instead of investing all that hard work into something you don’t care about, it’s time you take a good long look in the mirror and create something that you’re passionate about.

  • Turning Your Quirks Into Monetizable Skills: Firstly, one of the best ways to start a passionate and well-intended business today is by turning your quirks and talents into monetizable skills. For example, if you’re pretty good at photo editing and digital art, one way of breaking into the market is by investing in those skills until you feel they’re ready for commissions. After which, you could begin productizing and advertising your service, growing a loyal audience just with your effort alone.
  • Mastery And Expertise Over A Specific Niche: In addition to monetizable skills, you can match your features with a specific niche that you’re comfortable talking about and exceptionally knowledgeable with its ins and outs. For example, given the popularity of virtual real estate in the metaverse, you could connect your art skills with designing NFTs for potential buyers. Furthermore, you could also apply the same with augmented reality technologies, content creation platforms, blockchain development, and any other in-demand and rapidly growing industry.
  • Intrinsic Motivation To Get Through Bad Times: Last but not least, one of the prime reasons behind building a business from passion is the fact that you’ll desperately need that intrinsic motivation to get through some of the bad times and unpleasant circumstances of a recovering global economy. You see, we are still far from getting back into the flow of pre-pandemic times, and there’s no telling what sort of difficulties you’ll encounter while establishing a business today. As a result, personal drive and grit are essential to maintaining progress and reaching your target goals.

Don’t Look At The Money; Consider The People You’re Growing With


In retrospect, any successful entrepreneur would tell you that transforming a startup into a successful business is not about the money but the people you choose to grow and work with long term. And, because success is a people’s game of connection and collaboration, you want your team and partners to share the same vision and mission you hold close to your heart. At the end of the day, there’s no way you’re making a name for your business in Silicon Valley without the right people by your side to help that idea grow.

  • Building Teams Who Share Your Values: After you’ve built the foundation and smoothened out the rough edges in your business startup, it’s only natural to consider talent acquisition and to build your team next. However, instead of going simply by skills and qualifications, we recommend that you select people who share your values and passions. Plus, knowing that it’s a tight jobs market due to the quitting spree, you want to be decisive and build your team with a purpose.
  • Diverse Talents, Skills, And Competencies: Apart from shared values, your team should also reflect your shortcomings, meaning that you should focus on people with diverse talents, skills, and competencies that can fill in the gaps of your current business system. For example, if you’re more of the creative type and visionary, you’re going to need a finance group to handle the cash flows and also a legal team to deal with filing foreign subpoenas that bump with the uniform interstate depositions and discovery act and issuing copyright claims for your digital content.

Success Is Defined By YOU And Not Anyone Else

Look, regardless of what other people say and comment about success, what you define as a successful business is yours to decide and not anyone else’s. And given the fact that we’re in quite the disruptive and transformational era of business due to innovation and circumstances, passion will play a much more significant role in making those business ideas come to life.

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