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iPhone Tips and Tricks: 15 iPhone Features to Explore

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Are you an iPhone user? If so, you’re probably familiar with its many features. But are you using them to their fullest potential? If you’re not sure, you aren’t alone. Many iPhone users are unaware, too.

Don’t miss out! Here are some of the best features that your iPhone has to offer.

1. Text Scanning

With the new iOS 15 updates, you can now scan and copy text from photos and screenshots. This is a massive time-saver if you need to copy information from an image quickly. Just view the picture and tap to select the text you want to copy. You can paste it into an email, document, or messaging app. Not only is this feature convenient, but it can also help you avoid typos.

2. Hashtags in Notes App

Did you know that you can use hashtags to categorize your notes? This makes it easier to find and group similar notes together. Just open the Notes app and create a new note. Type in the hashtag (i.e., #groceries) at the top of your note. Now, whenever you want to access this note, just tap on the “#groceries” from the Tags section on the main page of the Notes app.

3. Minimal Pre-installed Apps

One of the best things about the iPhone is that there are minimal pre-installed apps. This means that you don’t have to deal with multiple apps that you won’t use but will take up space on your device. And if you want to get rid of an app, it’s as easy as a few taps.

Just hold down on the app icon until it starts wiggling. Then, tap the “x” on the icon’s corner. This will delete the app from your device. You can also go to the phone’s app library, where you’ll find all pre-installed apps. The iPhone offers a much cleaner and more efficient experience than Android phones.

4. Upgrades for Every Release

One of the best things about owning an iPhone is that you’re always eligible for the latest software updates. As soon as a new iOS release comes out, you can upgrade your Apple device to enjoy the latest features from your Settings app. This is in contrast to Android phones, where you often have to wait for your carrier to push through the update.

Every new model also comes with slightly upgraded hardware. For example, if you want to compare the iPhone 12 mini vs. iPhone 13 mini, you’ll see that the newer model has a slightly better processor and camera.

5. High-Definition Camera

Even if you’re not a professional photographer, you’ll love the high-quality camera on the iPhone. Because of its large sensor and advanced optics, the iPhone takes great photos in various lighting conditions using the Camera app. Just tap the Camera icon on your iPhone to get started.

The iPhone 13 Pro, for example, is fantastic at capturing low-light images, something other phones cannot do. Even Android users admit that the iPhone has one of the best cameras on any smartphone.

6. The Back Tap Feature

Many people don’t know about the Back Tap feature on the iPhone. This feature lets you double or triple tap the back of your phone to perform specific tasks. For example, you can set a double tap to open the camera or the Messages app. Or, you can set a triple tap to take a screenshot. To access this feature, go to the Settings app, tap Accessibility, and select Back Tap.

7. Flash Notifications

You can’t always hear your phone, even with a custom vibration or ringtone. But with the flash notification feature, you can see when you have a new notification on the lock screen, even if you’re in a noisy environment. From the Home screen, go to Settings, tap Accessibility, and select Audio/Visual. Then, turn on the LED Flash for Alerts to receive flash notifications.

8. Full Page Screen Capture

If you need to take a screenshot of an entire webpage, the iPhone makes it easy. Just open the page in Safari and tap the Share icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, select “Full Page” from the list of options. You can also use manual shortcuts to take full-page screenshots on the iPhone. Just press and hold down the Home button and Power button simultaneously.

Your phone will take a screenshot of the entire webpage, which you can edit or share as you see fit. This is one of the hidden iPhone features that not many know about, but it can be incredibly useful.

9. Compatibility With External Gadgets

The iPhone is compatible with many external gadgets, such as the Apple Watch and AirPods. This lets you customize your experience and use your device to best suit your needs. For example, you can use a health app on your iPhone to track your steps and view the data on your Apple Watch. You can also use it with other extensions like wireless chargers and smartphone projectors, all cool gifts for tech lovers.

10. Robust Security Features

One of the most significant concerns for smartphone users is security. But with the iPhone, you can have peace of mind knowing that your device is secure. The iPhone has robust security features, such as Face ID, which protect your device from unauthorized access.

The Face ID feature is a facial recognition system that uses 3D mapping to unlock your device. It is one of the most secure ways to protect your device. Face ID is just one example of the many iPhone features available that no other phone can match, making it the best choice for those concerned about data privacy.

11. The Measure App

The Measure app is a handy tool that lets you take measurements of various objects using your iPhone. This is an excellent tool for DIY projects or when you need to measure something quickly.

Using the Measure app, point your camera at the object you want to measure. The app will then show you the object’s dimensions on your screen. It also lets you use different units of measurement, such as feet, inches, centimeters, and meters. This is just a taste of how augmented reality (AR) is being used on the iPhone to enhance the user experience.

12. Do Not Disturb Mode

If you need to focus or get some rest, the Do Not Disturb mode on the iPhone can help. This mode silences all incoming calls and notifications so you can concentrate on what you’re doing. To enable this mode, go to the Settings app and select Do Not Disturb. Then, you can schedule when you want to enable this mode or manually do it. This feature is part of the Focus mode that allows you to limit distractions and focus on what’s important.

13. Calculator Hack

One of the most hidden iPhone features is the Calculator app’s backspace feature. This can be handy if you make a mistake when entering a math equation. To use this hidden feature, simply swipe left or right on the calculator to delete the last digit you entered. This is a great way to avoid starting over if you make a mistake.

14. Siri Shortcuts

Siri Shortcuts automates tasks on your iPhone. With this feature, you can create custom commands that perform a specific task when you say them. You just have to say “Hey Siri,” followed by the shortcut.

For example, you can create a shortcut that turns on your lights when you say, “Hey Siri, I’m going to bed.” This saves you time and makes your life easier. You can use Siri Shortcuts in many different ways, so be sure to explore all the possibilities.

15. Battery Saving Tips

The iPhone has a built-in battery-saving mode that extends your device’s battery life. This mode limits some of the features of your iPhone, such as background app refresh and automatic downloads. To enable this mode, go to the Settings app and select Battery. Then, tap the switch next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

You can also enable this mode manually when your battery is low. To do this, go to the Control Center and tap the battery icon. Then, tap the switch next to Low Power Mode to turn it on.

If you are already using an iPhone, be sure to take advantage of all the great features it has to offer. Find out what else your phone can do by exploring its settings and features. Maybe you will find a few tricks that you didn’t know about.

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