Is the UK Household Ready for Solar?

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Eco-Friendly HomeSolar power has always been a touchy subject here in the UK. Recent reports concerning the deployment of solar panels under the feed-in tariff regime have been lacklustre at best, and many residential homeowners are understandably hesitant to take advantage of this sustainable form of energy.

But does this mean you should cross out a solar grid in the future? Of course not! The current state of the feed-in tariff may not exactly be good, but the benefits of using a photovoltaic grid cannot be ignored. You are looking at more sustainable living and even the ability to zero out your electric bill.

The Rise of Renewable Energy

Online solar authorities, such as, note that despite the unfavourable state of the feed-in tariff, the public’s support for utilising renewable energy is at 81%. This comes as no surprise as more and more people are seeing the negative effects of traditional forms of energy and how the way of sourcing it debilitates the environment.

Solar energy is the most renewable form of energy and is essentially infinite. The only real time solar energy will get ‘used up’ is when the sun dies, which will happen five billion years from now.

Photovoltaic Power

Because of its reliability, installing a photovoltaic system on your household is an investment that pays for itself. Depending on your use of electrical equipment and appliances, the energy your rig gets from the sun may be enough to power your entire household for the day.

In some cases, the rig may even completely zero out your bill. And what is better than not seeing any charge on your electric bill?

Are you Ready to Install?

If you are ready to install a photovoltaic system of your own, you need to consider a few factors. The roof style and actual positioning of the grid are important as these will affect how much solar energy your grid consumes.

While the current state of the feed-in tariff still needs improvement, one of the main draws of using solar energy is the potential to get credit for any excess energy you generate. Many homeowners understandably have a positive outlook on the feed-in tariff’s future due to the monetary benefits and the prospect of living a more sustainable life under a photovoltaic grid.

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