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Making the Most of Social Media: Marketing Strategies You Could Use

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Currently, over 1.5 billion people worldwide use Facebook monthly. Given this potentially rich client pool, almost all businesses have invested in Facebook marketing. However, online marketing keeps shifting, and it is only prudent to keep up if you want to remain profitable. The latest trend is the use of Facebook messenger as a promotional platform. According to reports, most people nowadays use four major messaging apps including Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Facebook Messenger guarantees the highest returns among these platforms for businesses since it boasts a developer API that enables automated messaging.

In Seattle, many SEO companies use the right strategies to connect with clients using Facebook Messenger and other social media platforms.  There are several campaign options you can use on this platform, and it is essential to pick the best one for your marketing objective. The following are the available types of Messenger marketing campaigns.

Content Delivery Campaigns

Facebook Messenger has an option for you to deliver gated content to your target market’s emails, rather than asking clients to fill out forms so that they can get your content in their inbox. Companies that have used content delivery campaigns have reported an increase of 13% in their click-through rate (CTR) and an open rate of 80% in a month. This roughly translates to a higher open rate of 242% and click rate of 619% compared to the controlled method of email marketing used in the past.

Content Filtering Campaigns

Other than pushing your content, you can use Facebook Messenger to aid your followers in sifting through your content. This is something that will set your content apart since clients have little time to comb through millions of content pieces trying to find relevant material to their interests. Content filtering campaigns allow you to deliver personalized content to your market in a non-intrusive manner. When using content filtering strategies, lead generation, rather than selling, should be your primary objective.

Re-Engaging Campaigns

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Many companies wonder how to get people to engage with them on Facebook Messenger. Sponsored and click-to-messenger adverts on this platform offer you an opportunity to engage with clients who had messaged you before but did not take the desired action. Click-to-Messenger ads are for those who want to ask questions, while sponsored messages send your clients relevant messages and offers.

Customer Service Campaigns

Customer service is the crucial element that will determine whether or not people will give you repeat business and refer clients to you. Facebook Messenger allows you to respond to client queries promptly. This is especially important when working online since people do not have a human face to interact with and might get jittery when they do not get their answers in a timely fashion.

The above campaigns make a significant difference in today’s online marketing spheres. You therefore cannot afford to leave them to anyone purporting to have some knowledge in online marketing and expect to see results. While the charges for hiring a seasoned and well-equipped digital marketing expert may be greater in the short run, the returns are guaranteed. Well-known, reputable agencies, therefore, are your best choice for Facebook Messenger campaigns.

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