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More than Walls: Protecting Your Home from External Threats

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Your home’s walls provide the most solid protection for the property and its homeowners. You cannot call it a shelter if everyone can join you inside. People perform plenty of intimate and private activities inside those walls. It might get controversial and dangerous if neighbours and strangers can walk inside the property or even see those actions from a distance. Those walls will also shield you from the many external threats you can experience outdoors.

However, walls are not enough. External threats like theft, extreme weather, and pollution could still damage exterior walls, even reaching a point where they could find their way into the interior. Your walls will need help to protect your household and your family, and they might have to come in different forms. Here are a few things you can add to your home’s protective feature for a safer and healthier lifestyle.

Fence and Gate Barriers

The biggest threats will always be your top priority when protecting your home. You can develop many potential scenarios, but none prove more unpredictable and challenging to eliminate than people. Heists and break-ins can happen any time, especially when thieves take days to observe the movements and patterns of household members.

Those threats can occur at every home and use every trick in their sleeves, which means your best solution is to keep your property as formidable against them as possible. If you want to let thieves know that they will encounter difficulties breaking into your home, solid barriers are worthy investments.

Creating a fence high enough to disrupt or delay people’s heist attempt might make them hesitate or abandon their efforts to break into your home. With that said, it might be challenging to enter your home if those barriers do not have a gate. Your family and car will require the entry point, but it could mean giving thieves an entrance to infiltrate.

Fortunately, you can add multiple lock systems. Their break-in will take more than minutes if they have to deal with gates and fences, which could be enough time to call law enforcement.

Wall Cladding

Your walls are durable enough to withstand damage from external threats for years. However, it doesn’t mean they don’t need help. The collective damage of extreme weather can deteriorate wall integrity, and it might be a matter of time before everything collapses. Fortunately, you can add another protective layer to serve as security for your external walls.


Cladding is essential for your home, even if it feels like a design element. The extra layer ensures that the final appearance will be aesthetically pleasing, but it can take on weather damages while protecting the more valuable external walls.

Timber cladding for external walls can ensure protection against the weather, and you can find many companies that provide supplies for the renovation project. If you want to protect the walls more, you can also rely on waterproof paint. The thin layer prevents rain and flood from seething into the cracks, creating costly water damage to the walls and household systems. It might feel redundant to add protective features to your home walls, but you can never be too sure about safety against external threats.

Home Security System

Home security is an in-demand product because everyone is your customer. It didn’t take time before home-related industries introduced technological innovations to customers. In the past, people had to maintain a human presence to keep their homes safe, especially when no one was inside the house. Today, homeowners can use many smart home devices to ensure their household remains safe from intruders. Security cameras, home burglar alarms, motion detectors, and emergency contact triggers are part of the modern home design.

Security cameras can divert live feed of the house’s outdoor areas, making it easier to identify a potential threat. Motion detectors can trigger alarms that will wake homeowners up, preventing a disaster from happening before it begins. Law enforcement will receive notifications as soon as an emergency arises, and you don’t even have to pick up your phone. Technology contributes in a significant way to protecting people’s homes, making it a necessary part of the layered security system of your house.

Walls provide a solid foundation for home security and protection. However, nothing beats people’s efforts to keep their households safe from every type of external threat. Risks can evolve, especially when technology continues to make innovative tools that can help them. Homeowners have a responsibility to keep up with the constant evolution of external threats. It might mean researching and investing in tools and features that cost a lot of money, but knowing you are creating a safer home is enough to warrant the purchases.

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