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Give Your Bedroom the Perfect Makeover in 2022

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Bedrooms are the most private space in your home. It is the place where you can rejoice, cry, or make merry. Apart from providing relaxation and sleep, they have also worked as a study room, playroom, guest room, and whatnot, depending on the need and availability. Most of you reading this would admit that you converted it into a hybrid space for work, as well. Unlike other rooms, which all family members use, bedrooms belong to a specific taste and individuality.

You will find most people’s natures and characters reflected in their bedrooms. You can channelize your inner wants, dreams, and desires through your bedroom decor. As the world slowly moves to the offices, you can again give it the individualistic, sanctuary-like feel. Read about the latest 2022-bedroom trends and see what you wish to implement.

Minimalist Decor

You can now create a minimalist bedroom decor by bringing in clean lines and simplicity, best explained as restrained. You need to make the space practical yet attractive with a few pieces of furniture. If you are looking for a significant revival, you can get the walls painted in white. If not, you can play with what’s on by decluttering the space. But just the walls will not make your room look ethereal. You create a blank canvas to play on. Hang bold designs on the walls, in the form of artworks. Additionally, you can throw in a colorful rug on the floor. These objects will erase the monotony in a single shot. Apart from colors and artwork, mattresses also speak a thousand words. High mattresses look fantastic in minimalist decor. They seem to uplift the space from a certain monotony.

minimalist bedroom

Make the bed area more comfortable with an under-the-covers fan. Going minimalist does not mean that you should minimize technology. Such new-age cooling systems blow cool air into the sheets. Therefore, those having health issues like night sweats find it comforting. Drop-in, some high-end devices like LCD TV, hang on the blank canvas of a wall and see the space enter another dimension. Sometimes, if strategically spaced, electronics can also uplift the decor. It is more apt in a minimally decorated space.

Matching Wall Lights

You must have seen an upcoming trend of hanging matching lights. You can match them with the wall color and finishes, apart from the upholstery in the room. It is both a decorative approach and a functional one at that. You can add a bold lampshade to uplift the mood of the sanctuary. They come in various bold designs and colors.

If your bedroom is small, you can add more width by attaching lights to the side walls. If you have a low ceiling, you can lift it by installing lampshades that reflect light upwards. Spotlights and focus lights can be a good option.

Statement Beds

The main piece of furniture in your bedroom is your bed. Make it captivating. So nobody would mind even if there were no other art pieces around. You can consider striking design and layering of upholstery for your beds. Colors are as important. The latest trend creating waves in the market is tall beds with signature headboards. Velvet Art decor makes a fantastic addition to dull and dreary color combinations.

Add some silk and satin to ramp up the glamor quotient. These will never disappoint. You can even add some modular storage spaces to your beds. Store your essentials there, instead of the dresser. In continuation, you can remove elaborate dressers that require a lot of space and often snatch the glamour from beds. Instead, put up a simplistic head-to-toe mirror. It will give your bedroom an appeal like no other.

Greenery and Indoor Plants

They are another way to add a touch of earthiness to your personal space. Moreover, plants keep the room oxygen-rich and also absorb carbon dioxide. If you cannot spend time in the garden, you can make that up with your indoor green space. You can add artificial flower print curtains and upholstery to uplift the space. Also, consider getting some DIY wallpapers. These are easy to apply and remove. You can get those in green and floral prints to bring in nature’s vibe.

Storage Pieces

If you think that increasing storage is all about buying costly furniture, think again. You can incorporate storage baskets underneath the beds. Store all your bedding there. Additionally, you can keep an ottoman at the foot of the bed. Use it to have a hot cup of coffee in the morning or to store your day-to-day clothes; it is your choice.

These are the top bedroom trends of 2022. Get the best ones designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind. The above ideas will allow you to experiment and zero down on the best that suits you.

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