Planning Your Next Vacation in the New Normal

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As the world slowly begins to open up again, and we adjust to living life in the new normal, it’s perfectly normal to crave a chance to get away from it all. Ditching your everyday routine and surroundings for something new can serve as a reset after these difficult times. Traveling has been on the top of everyone’s to-do list since the health and safety protocols have started easing up. Robust vaccination rollouts, contact tracing, and vigilant testing have been some of the tools the tourism and hospitality industry has used to start getting back to business again. However, like everything else in the new normal, there have been some significant changes to the industry. Whether it’s the shift from more popular tourist destinations to lesser-known gems or the increased role of travel agents in planning your next great adventure, there are several factors you’ll need to consider to have a relatively worry-free vacation.

Though for some part of the charm of traveling is in flying by the seat of your pants and making plans as things go on, in the new normal, you’ll find yourself having a significantly harder time achieving this. Health protocols change from destination to destination, from different hotels, and primarily due to the current quarantine levels. Advanced planning in terms of your finances, destinations, accommodations, and activities is essential to avoid any surprise hiccups during your trip. While these factors all play even more significant roles for international travels, they’re all also crucial if you’re looking into some local haven.


The first thing you’ll need to consider when planning your trip is your budget. The money you’re willing to spend dictates the places you’ll be able to go to and the type of accommodations you’ll be staying at. Another great perk of planning trips in advance is it’ll give you enough time to save up for the places you’ve been dreaming about. Committing to saving up by setting aside a specific amount every month in a savings account that earns interest can help you keep track of your travel fund while it also earns. Researching the possible expenses you’ll incur on your trip outside your hotel can also ensure you have the budget to make the most of your time enjoying fun and new activities.

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Everyone’s dream destination is different. Some people want a tropical getaway on the beach, while others might want to spend time in colder climates sipping on warm drinks. Either way, determining which destinations you want to go to helps guide your planning efforts. Avoiding more crowded or popular tourist destinations continues to be the trend as some people remain antsy about being in crowded public places. A little extra research can help you find some stunning and affordable options for more popular hotels and resorts. Choosing destinations that also offer a multitude of activities you can do outdoor such as hiking, swimming, tanning on the beach, kayaking, snorkeling, and outdoor sports, will help get you that much-needed fresh air and lessen your uneasiness.


Booking your accommodations, restaurants, events, places, and transportation weeks, if not months in advance, doesn’t just save you the hassle but also the money. Hotels and resorts will often have early bird promos for those who book earlier and non-peak season dates. Restaurants are currently serving at less than full capacity making walk-in dining often unavailable. Great trips are remembered by the new sights and the delicious food we have, so you don’t want to miss out on some of the local specialties because you don’t have any reservations to spectacular restaurants.


Deciding which modes of transportation you’re comfortable with beforehand also helps ease some of the post-pandemic worries. Road trips have become increasingly popular as you can safely drive three to six hours out of the city and enjoy beautiful destinations. Staying in the safety of your car also reduces your exposure and allows you to relish in the feeling of an open road ahead of you. Some great car or van rentals are available for prebooking online if you don’t have your own vehicle. Other destinations may require you to take a boat ride or plane to get there; these are especially important to schedule ahead of time as they can change your departure times at the drop of a hat due to social distancing or scheduling issues.

Lastly, you’ll also want to check out the local activities you can do or your hotel’s amenities. Similar to what we’ve mentioned above, these can be subject to pre-registration or scheduling in an effort to maintain social distancing guidelines. While outdoor activities are currently the trend as more and more people aim to reconnect with nature and get some fresh air, there can also be some entertaining activities for you to do indoors. Taking all of these points into consideration makes for the best travel experience possible in the new normal.

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