Powerful Airplanes Need Expert Pilots

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PilotYou may not believe it, but it’s possible to fly from LA to New York in 12 minutes. That’s a testament to how advance aviation technology has become. Nevertheless, all that power puts the pilot in the hot seat. If you want to become one, prepare yourself.

Conquering the Skies

Just recently, experts tested an experimental unmanned aircraft capable of running 20 times the speed of sound. At 13,000 mph, the Falcon HTV-2 travels the distance from LA to New York in 12 minutes.

Though the technology hasn’t gone commercial, it gives an idea of where the aviation industry wants to go.

Beats the subway system, doesn’t it? However, this advancement in aviation highlights how much power rests in the hands of the pilot. Unmanned aircraft may be likely in the future, but expert systems still rely on one thing — expert knowledge. Without pilots flying them remotely, unmanned planes may cause accidents.

Advanced Learning

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, pilots need to be trained – and well. Even when the sky is not as congested as highways, devastating air accidents have been recorded in history, with pilot error as the main culprit.

Good thing aviation schools have also advanced with the technology. Paperless training systems speed up the learning and also ensure information retention is spot on.

Such paperless training system prepares the student for the real thing, as a paperless cockpit and digital transformation is making its mark in the aviation industry. This means it gears the student’s expertise towards the e-enabled aircraft system. Paperless systems are vital, as they ensure better airline safety.

There’s no need to be afraid of the future in aviation. With superior training in place, pilots are as ready as ever to deliver.

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