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How to Maintain the Right Space for Your Home Baking Business

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Many people found themselves rekindling their love of home-cooked meals, particularly baked goods, during the pandemic. Some of them have decided to quit their 9-to-5 to pursue a career in baking.

It’s a wonderful profession to be a baker because, not only do you whip up amazing looking and tasting treats, you also bring happiness to many people.

However, the art of baking takes time and patience to master, plus it requires equipment. This is why you need to maintain the right space for your home baking business.

The following are some things you can do to maintain the right space for your home-baking business:

Prepare Your Space Before Starting Your Baking Business

If you think that having a separate room just for baking will be too expensive, then you’re wrong. There are many ways on how to keep your costs low while maintaining the right space for your business.

For example, is there an unoccupied storage room near where you live? Does it have a ceiling? Most importantly, does its owner have plans on using it soon? If the answer is yes to all these questions, then you might want to rent or buy the storage room for yourself.

If there’s no unoccupied storage that you can use, then you can simply turn your garage into one or transform that spare bedroom into a baking haven.

This is important because you will need a lot of space for your new business venture. Your regular home kitchen may not be enough, especially when you’re trying to fulfill a dozen orders. You might even need to hire an assistant at some point to help you with your baking. So, you will find yourself needing more space to move around freely and look after your baked goods in your kitchen.

Keep Kitchen Equipment Nearby for Convenience

You’ll need kitchen equipment. If you’re sharing your home with other people, such as your family, you need separate baking tools and appliances. Otherwise, you may find yourself having to stuff cupcake batter and frosting alongside fresh produce and unfinished food takeouts.

Equipment you’ll need include a freezer, fridge, oven, mixer, cooking range, and several baking trays. Make sure that these equipments are near each other so that transferring from one to another will be easier.

Keep the Space Clean

clean kitchen

Getting rid of the clutter in your workstation can help keep dust and dirt from accumulating on available surfaces for preparation. The fewer things there are, the better you’ll be able to spot any problems in food preparations.

Make sure that you regularly clean the area for your baking business. This is important because there may be residues and spills on worktables and shelves, not to mention the smell of spoiled food that you didn’t get to remove and therefore now permeates every area of your workspace.

Invest in racks so that your cooking range’s surface will always look tidy. You may also want to line drawers with parchment paper so that food debris and other stuff won’t accidentally fall out whenever you open them.

Moreover, your appliances, especially your oven, should be cleaned regularly. It’s such a chore, but it will guarantee that your baked goods come out perfect every time. Try to contact professionals to thoroughly clean your oven regularly to remove food scraps and spills.

Prevent Pests

No one will like the smell and sight of cockroaches, much less to experience them crawling around their business. Thus, it’s very important that you keep the right space for baking free from pests such as roaches and rodents.

Rodents may find your baking supplies a delicious morsel for snacking on; therefore, you need to protect those ingredients from these critters. Insects might also spoil your baking goods or contaminate them with bacteria and germs.

There are many ways to prevent pests from bothering you so you can concentrate fully on enjoying this new career path: close holes in doors and windows using mesh wire netting; caulk where moisture could seep through; clean up spills immediately; and remove stacks of boxes and unused equipment to reduce hiding places for roaches.

If you’re leaving your baking supplies out, make sure that your containers are sealed tight. You can use specially-designed tape for sealing food packages and areas around sinks and drains, as well as other openings like water pipes and entryways to the space itself.

Following your passion is always a good thing, but it will be a lot of work. However, after all these tips, you should now have a perfect space for starting your own home baking business!

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