Privacy Policy

Interhuss understands that one of the main concerns of every Internet user is their security and privacy. For this reason, we would like to discuss the types of data we collect and how we use them. We advise all our readers to scan our privacy policy to clarify how much we value our user’s identity and personal information online.

The privacy policy of the technology news site Interhuss is as follows:

Personal Information

The Interhuss platform does not, in any way, collect personal information unless the user decides to provide us with that information voluntarily. This information may encompass names, addresses, and contact information.

Interhuss uses these data only to process certain requests, answer questions regarding the site and the service, and send news or updates. The website does not share private information to any third party organization.

Other Information

Our website collects data, such as page visits, browser usage figures, times and dates of access, IP addresses, and Internet domains. Interhuss uses these pieces of information only to measure site statistics and improve the overall user experience. The website also does not use cookies to safeguard our readers’ privacy.

External Links

Interhuss is dedicated to providing the finest user experience to our audience. For this reason, we add external links to our posts. Our visitors may click and visit these sites at their own discretion, but Interhuss is not accountable for any practice or privacy policy that the site might have in place. We hereby advise all our visitors to read the privacy policy of external websites before divulging any personal information.

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