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Winning Over Prospects on LinkedIn: A Personalized Marketing Approach

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Digital marketing tools are all around for businesses to utilize. Many programs, tools, and online platforms allow you to pursue strategies that attract and engage potential customers. Social media will be at the top of the list, given how many companies prioritize it for digital marketing strategies. There is also the idea of pursuing email marketing, which is a traditional and effective method. However, another campaign is emerging to claim the sole title of the best digital marketing tool for companies, especially business-to-business (B2B) ventures.

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses connect. Its total growth of users led to it becoming an attractive digital space for digital marketing strategies, rivaling that of social media. As a result, LinkedIn marketing turned into a must-perform campaign for B2B companies. Here is why your business should pursue the emerging strategy for digital marketing success.

A B2B’s Haven for Leads

LinkedIn is full of professionals from different industries. Instead of heartwarming posts and memes that social media feeds enjoy, the users in the networking platform provide tips, motivational quotes, and other business-related content. LinkedIn’s primary purpose makes pursuing digital marketing strategies seamless, especially for B2B companies.

A B2B company’s targeted audience consists of decision-makers and top brass of other companies, which will all be active on LinkedIn. With over 87 million users on the platform, businesses will benefit from engaging with even a fraction of them. Once you have an idea of the target audiences you want to pursue, the strategy can begin.

More Personalized than Emails

LinkedIn marketing feels like a combination of social media marketing and email marketing. Your company will interact with your target audience on a public online platform, which has social media written all over it. However, your actions will take a more aggressive approach similar to email marketing.

LinkedIn marketing strategies revolve around messaging your target audience. Unlike email marketing, the professional networking platform provides you with more details than the email address. You have access to the activities and information publicly shared by your prospects, allowing you to personalize messages. Personalization makes LinkedIn marketing more effective than email, which remains susceptible to spam. Unknown email senders might end up marked as spam, giving LinkedIn another boost. The professional networking platform also boasts a vital component that makes social media marketing successful.

Messaging Made Easier

Email marketing might be a traditional strategy, but there is one flaw to it. Since the prospects only receive a message, they might not know if they are talking to an actual person behind the email. What’s worse is that the email might be from the company side, which tells them that it is an auto-generated message. This situation is where social media gains an advantage. Social media users know they are talking from a live person when chatting with their loved ones. On LinkedIn, your company’s sales personnel will be the ones doing the talking.

People feel more comfortable when they are talking to people instead of chatbots. However, your sales professionals must ensure they have a solid presence on the networking platform. Their profiles must consist of company content mixed with a few stories of themselves or their interests. A few motivational quotes won’t hurt. Once they establish their profiles, your sales personnel can now message back and forth with potential prospects. If your sales team needs help with crafting personalized and tailor-fit messages for every professional they reach out to, you can hire experts who can generate leads on LinkedIn.

Expanding the Professional Network

LinkedIn marketing could be as impactful as email marketing, especially when leads get converted into customers. However, it doesn’t mean the success rate will be 100%. Similar to every marketing strategy pursued, LinkedIn marketing will have plenty of prospects that won’t open or reply to messages. At times, they might even tell the people sending those marketing messages that they do not want to receive any more materials from the person or the company. The engagement might mean the end of the line for email marketing, but LinkedIn marketing offers an alternative. Since it is a place for professional networking, you can maintain a connection with the people you reach out to, even if they didn’t pan out to conversions. It allows your company to expand its professional network, even leading to potential referrals.

LinkedIn is all the rave for B2B companies. However, they need to be responsible when pursuing marketing campaigns in the professional networking platform. After all, LinkedIn is a space where colleagues, managers, and business owners interact professionally. It wouldn’t be suitable if your marketing strategies get too aggressive.

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