Dressing for a Remote Work Environment

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Working from home is the reality now for a lot of people. Although the number of people who do not go to a traditional office has been increasing for years, during the pandemic, more people were forced to do their jobs remotely. After the pandemic, the number of people who work from home will increase even further as companies, seeing the benefits of the arrangement, decides to transition to remote permanently.


Working from home offers a lot of freedom. People have better control of their time and their environment. Those who are remote employees aren’t obligated to be at home. They’re permitted to do their work at a cafe, public library, local park, or even at the beach. Moreover, there’s also often no requirement to wear office-appropriate clothing. Unless there is a video conference, workers can sit in front of their computers in pajamas all day.

However, is it a good idea to wear whatever you want because you work from home? Experts say, not really.

Downside of Working in Pajamas

Pajamas are comfortable. When you are sitting in front of your computer to work or chat with other people, it’s nice to be comfortable. They also make a statement about who you are as a person. Pajamas can reflect your personality and interests, saying something about what kind of activities you like doing when you aren’t busy working. But pajamas are not appropriate in all situations.

When you work from home, it’s easy to feel entitled not to dress up. You can walk around the house and spend time with your family without wearing anything else than your pajamas. Before you know it, you’ve spent two days at home lounging around and working in your pajama pants. You may think there is no harm in doing so, but you’re wrong.

Unfortunately, pajamas while working from home seem to have become a trend—and that’s a problem. It sends a bad signal.

You can be perceived as lazy when you wear pajamas all the time, especially if you’re a consultant or freelancer. The impression that comes from wearing pajamas may discourage potential clients from hiring you since they feel like your work isn’t professional enough for them.

Moreover, it can have a negative impact on your productivity, especially if you just came out of the office setting. Your brain might not recognize that you need to work because you’re still wearing sleepwear and, therefore, make concentrating a challenge.

Here’s What to Wear

When working in an office setting, it’s important to dress professionally and appropriately. It’s also essential to look and feel your best.

The same can be applied at home even if you’re all alone. If you’re wearing work appropriate clothing, you’re more likely to feel ready to face your tasks at hand.

This doesn’t mean you have to be in a full suit and tie. You can, for example, dress in jeans and a cozy button-front cardigan for women or a long-sleeved shirt for men. This look provides comfort, but it’s still appropriate for work. You may need to look more professional during video calls. So, you should have a well-pressed shirt or blouse, blazer, and slacks or skirt for these instances.

As for footwear, a pair of comfortable flats would be a nice addition to your work-from-home uniform.

It might also help to wear a little of makeup to your home office. However, the most important thing for you to continue doing is to look after your hygiene. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can neglect your body. Brush and floss your teeth in the morning, take a shower or bath at night, and use deodorant when necessary. Despite working from home, we still need to look after ourselves and feel like we’ve made an effort.

Casual Friday

It’s also okay for you to wear whatever you want every once in a while. If you’re feeling under the weather and would rather crawl into yoga pants than a dress, it’s okay for you to do so. You work from home, and there’s no one to call you out if you’re not wearing something that is appropriate.

When you work from home, you are your own boss. You can decide to wear something comfortable, or you can dress up to motivate yourself to do your best. Of course, no one is forcing you to don something more office appropriate when you’re at home. However, choose to wear what inspires you to be productive and achieve your goals.

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