SEO Talk: What Makes High-Quality Content?

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Content is still tseohe reigning king of SEO. No matter how you put it, there is nothing to optimize if not for the sentences and paragraphs available on websites. Even if you ask the experts, the kind of search engine optimization Minnesota companies espouse revolves around content.

Unfortunately, not everyone seems to understand what “good” content is. Often, people just throw around the term high-quality content as another industry buzzword – but there’s much more to it. An article is only of high quality if it features these three traits:


The content should be accurate down to the last letter, both in terms of form and substance.

Form-wise, every article should have flawless grammar, zero technical errors, and proper punctuation. This may seem basic, but a lot of marketers are guilty of posting slapdash content. Substance-wise, the article should reflect insights from a true expert in the field. Every detail should be factual.

Improving your backlink portfolio may be the reason you write content, but you have to make sure what you write provides value to your readers. This is something you can do only when your content ranks high in the two.


Does the article pique the interest of your target audience? If you see the article while browsing the Internet randomly, would you click it and read it? If the answer is yes, your content must be of good quality. If not, you might have to reframe or curate your content for it to attract your audience base. No matter how well-written your content is, what you write is useless if it fails to attract readership.


You could write a piece with deep-seated research, but it won’t fulfill its purpose is your audience can’t read it. This means you have to pay attention to the length of your article, as well as the language you use when writing one. Be sure a typical searcher would understand what you’re saying in every piece.

“High-quality content” is not just a buzzword as many seem to put it. You have to understand that it is the lifeblood of every SEO campaign – and if you can’t do it right, your campaign wouldn’t succeed right.

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