SQL Server Enterprise Edition: Is It Right for Your Business?

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A man pressing an icon that says 'SQL' on a virtual screen The Microsoft SQL Server is available in several editions that include the core database engine but equipped with different sets of features for a variety of target users. The Enterprise Edition is marketed to have the highest services and performance levels for Tier-1 workloads, which is beneficial to businesses that deal with huge volumes and clusters of data.

As of its latest upgrade in 2014, the edition has been scaled up regarding availability, reliability, security, and performance. It can support databases of up to 524 petabytes, and more importantly, it features a superior Business Intelligence system for corporate decision makers and operational workers.

An upgrade to Server Enterprise may be warranted if you are experiencing some of these major operational problems:

Spotting and Addressing Business Problems

Among all Microsoft SQL editions, Enterprise offers the most advanced and responsive features and tools to accelerate and optimise internal business processes and decision making. This latest installment is most useful to organisations that aim to increase operational efficiency and drive new revenues.

The price jump from the Standard Edition is a bit steep because Microsoft only offers the core-based licensing option for Enterprise, so the cost will depend on how many cores you will need to license. Perhaps the most noteworthy aspect of Enterprise is its built-in optimisations specifically designed for the highly competitive and demanding database workloads and requirements of the enterprise environment.

Preparing for Future Growth

Enterprise is a huge jump from the Standard Edition, but as your business grows, you will need a faster and more responsive database. Enterprise, among its many remarkable capabilities, integrates an intuitive and high-performance Business Intelligence (BI) feature that promise superior data accuracy, consistency, and analysis.

Additionally, database experts at DBA Services write that the BI aspects of Enterprise are comparable with that of the Business Intelligence Edition, itself. Thus, upgrading to Enterprise means you will have all the necessary functions to manage data across your organisation without buying a separate tool.

The Enterprise Edition has all the features of the Standard one and has the data analysis and decision-making capabilities of the Business Intelligence Edition. It not only helps you run your most demanding applications with outstanding accuracy and reliability, but it will also generally help you propel your organisation to considerable growth.

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