The Value of Updated Content: Why You Should Republish Old Blog Posts

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A Blogger WritingDeveloping new content is a time-consuming process, and it does not even matter if you are writing non-technical pieces. You spend the majority of your time creating articles that do not produce the ongoing traffic you want from Google. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but only 20% of your write-ups generates 80% of your traffic. Now that you’ve already found reliable web hosting solutions, you need to determine which of your content performs best.

Do yourself and your readers a favour by republishing old content that they frequently visit. Here are other reasons why republishing is a good idea:

1. Your new readers would want to see your important posts from the past.

You probably have old, but valuable articles that were a hit among your readers in the past. Bring back its popularity by republishing it for your new audience. This does not mean, however, that you should leave it the way it is. Tweak your old posts to accommodate some updates regarding the topic since you posted it or upload better images in its place. Besides, your writing prowess might have improved over the years that you can make your old article sound even better.

2. Your old content is still getting hits from Google, but it’s already outdated.

If the outdated article you posted a while back is still getting traffic from Google, then that is bad news for you. This is not the type of traffic that you want to receive, and it will ruin your image with your potential readers. Ensure that your old content is still relevant by updating it constantly. While you are at it, better give it another push by promoting it.

Update your old articles that generated a lot of traffic once in a while for it could be the secret to your website’s success. Use the old traffic to your advantage to know what most of your readers are looking for.

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