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Five Essential Things For Your Company’s Teleconference Room

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The pandemic has changed the way people work in the United States. It has forced many people to work at home. It has also forced business leaders to start doing video conferences instead of physical meetings.

If your company has more than fifteen employees, it might be wise to invest in a video conference or teleconference room. A teleconference room can help your team stay connected and improve communication. It can also help contact clients overseas or collaborate with other businesses during the pandemic. Here are five essential things you’ll need for your company’s teleconference room.


Cameras are essential for any teleconference room. Without them, you and your team can only see a blank screen. However, you will need to invest in more than just one camera if you want the layout to be right.

The first camera you should invest in is a high-quality depth vision camera. This kind of camera can cover a huge coverage of the room and will be great for team collaboration. It’s also great if your client wants to see the entire team simultaneously. It’s crucial to have at least one of these for any room.

The next camera you should get is a pan-tilt-zoom camera. This kind of camera can be used to focus on one person at a time and can help with presentations or one-on-one calls. It’s good to invest in an automatic one, but those can be expensive. You can let one employee manage it during the meetings instead.

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If you want people to be able to hear you during the meetings, then you’re going to need a microphone. There are two types of microphones you can choose from- lavalier and handheld.

A lavalier microphone is a small, clip-on microphone that can attach to your shirt or lapel. It’s great for hiding and is good if you move around a lot during the meeting. It’s cheap, costs around $100, and can be found at any electronics store. The downside to this kind of microphone is that it can pick up on a lot of background noise.

A handheld microphone is exactly what it sounds like, a microphone you hold in your hand. It’s great for presentations or if you’re going to be standing in one spot during the meeting. However, it’s not as convenient as a lavalier microphone and can be tiring to hold for long periods.


If you’re going to be using a microphone, then you’re going to need to soundproof the room. This is because microphones can pick up on a lot of background noise. You can use foam panels or acoustic tiles to soundproof the room. You can also use curtains or rugs to help with the sound.

You don’t have to be fully soundproof in every single part of the room. You only have to soundproof the parts of the room where people will be talking.


Good lighting is essential for any teleconference room. If you don’t have good lighting, people will have a hard time seeing you on the screen. There are two types of lighting you can choose from- natural and artificial.

Natural lighting is the best type of lighting for any room. For example, if you have a window in the room, open the curtains and let the light in. You can also invest in a skylight to allow even more light in.

Artificial lighting is the next best thing. You can use lamps or LED lights to brighten up the room. Just ensure that the light is pointing towards you and not your eyes.


Lastly, there’s the projector. The projector is optional, but it’s a good idea to have one in the room if you’re giving presentations. A projector will help with visibility and make it easier for people to see your presentation.

There are two types of projectors you can choose from- LCD and DLP. LCD projectors are cheaper but not as bright as DLP projectors. On the other hand, DLP projectors are more expensive but more colorful and have a better image quality.

You don’t necessarily need a projector, but it’s a good idea to have one in the room if you’ll be giving presentations often. It’s also a great way to present yourself to the client during the meeting.

You’ll need these five essential things for your company’s teleconference room. Investing in these things will help make your meetings run smoother and make it easier for your business to conduct business transactions and meetings outside and inside your company.

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