Three Benefits of Remote Working

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A Woman Working At HomeWorking remotely is not just for small companies, startups, or individuals. Nowadays, it has become a business standard. From graphic design, IT programming, to remote DBA services and virtual assistants, no function or position can't be done remotely.

With the number of tools and services now available, both in-house and freelancers benefit from having the ability to work remotely.

Increased productivity.

Embracing telecommunication technology that specifically targets remote work can do wonders for productivity in your business. Tools like TeamViewer and screen sharing apps provide your staff with greater flexibility in their work. You and your people can virtually work anytime and anywhere; there’s no need to be in the office all the time.

Increased interactivity.

With screen sharing tools, meetings, webinars, and training sessions can be more interactive. For example, having a product demo with a client will be so much better and understandable if you can show how it works. The same goes for when you need to make presentations to colleagues or train new personnel. Interactive sessions like this also open up avenues for better communication between two parties. For example, during a presentation of a new product design, suggestions can be applied in real-time, enabling instant feedback.

Cost-effective solution.

Both employer and employees can save money with remote working solutions. Businesses save on overhead and real-estate costs. Having a physical office is costly, but by limiting the number of staff that need to be present without limiting the business operations can be helpful for your business.

On the other end, employees can save on commute costs. Did you know that by working remotely, a person can save up to USD 4,600 a year? This is what a survey by ConnectSolutions said.

Aside from saving on commute costs, workers can also avoid the stress of having to take public transport. Everyone has probably experienced the stress of having to wait in traffic and rush hour: let’s face it. Starting the day with a stressful commute cannot spell 100% work efficiency, right?

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