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Three Ways to Market Your Brand to the Public

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A company can offer any kind of product or service. Your business can have just one specialized product, or you can have a plethora of services all available for your clients. But how do your clients find out about what you’re offering? They don’t just wake up one day and think, “Oh, this unknown company probably has some nice products. I should check them out!”

You need marketing. Specifically, you need these three:

Online Marketing

Almost everyone is now online. You’ll be behind your competitors if you haven’t figured out how to carve a slice of the pie yet. Make the effort to advertise your brand through online channels. Find your target audience and be where they are. Are they on social media? Post regularly on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Be responsive. Answer their questions as soon as possible. You’ll find that customer engagement is a great way to get them behind your product.

Press Releases

It’s not enough to just be that “friendly” business on Facebook. You need to be authoritative, too. Being seen as a thought leader in any industry helps with cutting through clutter and lending credibility to your points of view. You need to announce that you have new products or services. You have to alert customers if you are re-branding. Facilitating these conversations through a platform for PR like Babbler makes it easier for PR pros to get the information to the right journalists, media and influencers.

Offline Marketing

You may think that online marketing is enough, but you are wrong. There are still people who take public transport. They still walk and notice billboards. They still take their family’s advice when it comes to the best products to try. Word-of-mouth advertising will do wonders if you use it correctly. And more importantly, an offline marketing strategy will supplement your online tactics, so that wherever your target consumers are, they can see you.

Why stay hidden when your business can be out there under the spotlight? It’s up to you to build its image and to make it more visible. And with visibility comes more customers.

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