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Ways On How Online Learning Development Tools Benefit Students

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Online Learning Development A number of economically-advanced countries have institutions that have adopted the strategy of online learning as a means of delivering quality education programs. Also known as e-learning, it is considered as one of the most important developments for education enhancement. For many business owners, they use a cloud-based platform developed by Velpic to create helpful and inspirational video lessons to boost employee productivity. Let this article enlighten you more about online learning.

An Insight of the History of Online Learning

In the early 1980s, the first online teaching was held through the invention of computer conferencing by Murray Turoff. Asynchronous communication between dispersed individuals was made possible through computer conferencing enable. This means that users can communicate at any time. Messages from all participants are centrally stored and accessible on demand.

Virtual Classroom”, a software which was specially designed for conferencing, was invented between 1985 to 1987. It offered many online courses. Its major development happened when the World Wide Web was introduced. The accessibility of internet had been available to more homes, offices and universities. Teachers who taught in regular classrooms learned to start incorporating the internet into their methods of teaching in 1996.

The Positive Effects of Online Learning

A lot of institutions have resorted to online learning because of the growing number of students who prefer this method of learning. One of the reasons they prefer it is because they believe that it improves the quality of learning. It is different from the conventional classrooms where the instructors teach students face-to-face. Online learning encourages them to self-study and be more independent while enabling students to achieve the same learning goals.

It is more flexible, as students, even when scattered from all over the world can still access the same course material at the most convenient time for them. Lastly, it is less time-consuming because tests are also offered online which gives results and evaluation faster. This allows students to be aware of the aspects they need improvement on.

Online learning is just one of the ways a student can attain education more conveniently. In the end, it is still important which method of learning suits a person best.

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