Best Ways to Start Your Career in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

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  • The beauty and wellness industry, expanding rapidly, offers various career opportunities requiring different levels of education and certification.
  • Specializing in aesthetics can open up lucrative job opportunities due to growing demand.
  • Jobs in spa therapy and health and wellness coaching are also rising and require state-approved programs and licensing.
  • Apprenticeships, internships, and portfolios can provide invaluable hands-on experience and showcase your skills to potential employers.
  • Networking, industry participation, and soft skills development are crucial for career growth in the beauty and wellness industry.

The beauty and wellness industry is a rapidly growing sector of the economy, expected to exceed $7 trillion dollars by 2025. With an industry this large, there are ample opportunities for those interested in a career in beauty and wellness. Whether you’re just starting or changing directions in your career, there are several ways to get started in this field. This post will explore some of the best ways to start your career in the beauty and wellness industry.

Education and Certification

If you’re interested in a career in beauty and wellness, education and certification should be a top priority. Many employers require specific certificates and licenses, so it’s important to research the requirements in your desired area of expertise. If you are looking for a more specialized career path, consider the following training areas:


Due to the growing demand for aesthetic services, many career opportunities have opened up in this area. To become an aesthetics professional, you’ll need to complete a state-approved esthetician or cosmetology program and pass a licensing exam. Of course, there are also more specific certifications available.

For example, facial therapists can take a PDO thread lift training course to get certification for performing this increasingly popular procedure. Those with a PDO thread lift certification will be well-positioned to take advantage of the growing demand for this service. They may also try to specialize in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as laser skin rejuvenation, that can be life-changing for clients.

Spa Therapies

Spa therapy professionals are responsible for providing guests with physical and psychological well-being in their spas and wellness centers. This includes body massages, facials, and other aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, or reflexology services. To become a licensed spa therapist, you must complete a state-approved program and pass a licensing exam.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching is a rapidly growing field. These professionals help clients make positive changes to their lifestyle, such as getting more physical activity or changing their diet. Health and wellness coaches also guide emotional and mental health care. To become a certified health and wellness coach, you must take courses in nutrition, exercise science, psychology, or other related fields. Certifications are available from the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches, or you can get certified through other organizations such as the American Council on Exercise.

Makeup and Hair Styling

Makeup and hair styling is another popular career in the beauty and wellness industry. To become a professional hairstylist or makeup artist, you must complete a state-approved program and pass a licensing exam. You can also specialize in specific services, such as bridal makeup or special effects makeup. With experience, some professionals may even be able to offer their own line of cosmetics.

Apprenticeships and Internships

Another great way to break into the beauty and wellness industry is through apprenticeships or internships. Many businesses offer apprenticeships or internships that allow you to gain hands-on experience while learning about the industry. These programs can be a valuable way to build your skills and network, which can help you secure a job later on. If you’re interested in a particular industry area, look for an internship or apprenticeship related to that field.

Building a Portfolio

If you’re interested in working as a freelancer or starting your own business, building a portfolio can be a great way to showcase your skills and build your reputation. Focus on developing a strong portfolio that highlights your best work and demonstrates your expertise in the field. You can use your portfolio to market yourself to potential clients or employers, and it can be a valuable tool in securing new business.

Networking and Industry Events

Networking is critical to any successful career, and the beauty and wellness industry is no exception. Attend industry events, participate in online forums, and build relationships with other professionals in the field. This can help you stay current on the latest trends and developments and connect you with potential clients or job opportunities. Always be sure to bring business cards to industry events so you can connect with others easily.

Developing Soft Skills

Finally, it’s important to recognize that soft skills can be just as important as technical skills in the beauty and wellness industry. Develop your communication and interpersonal skills and your ability to manage time and prioritize tasks. These skills can help you build strong relationships with clients and colleagues and navigate the demands of a busy schedule.

The beauty and wellness industry offers many opportunities to start a career. Whether you’re interested in working in a salon, spa, or as a freelancer, there are a variety of paths to success. Focus on developing your technical skills through education and certification, gaining hands-on experience through apprenticeships and internships, and building your network through industry events and networking. With the right combination of skills and experience, you can create a rewarding and fulfilling career in the beauty and wellness industry.

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