Avoiding a Samsung Galaxy Note7: Reliability Testing

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Reliability TestingProducts in industries such as medicine, military, electronics, and computers need to be reliable in order to be used. Defects may cause financial losses and perhaps loss of life if such products cannot hold up to high stress levels. To make sure these products will hold up to demands, manufacturing, and research and development companies need to make sure of product reliability through reliability testing.

Accelerated Testing

Qualmark Corporation defines reliability testing as a system of tests that a product undergoes to ensure stability and reliability. Specific reliability test methods that focus on product improvement are highly accelerated life test (HALT) and highly accelerated stress screening (HASS). HALT and HASS methods find defects in products while redevelopment costs are still low. Finding defects early can benefit both the manufacturing company and the industries that will use the product.

Short Testing Time

You can have professional services conduct HALT and HASS methods for your products if you have a manufacturing company. What’s great about these methods are that they are accelerated. The acceleration shortens the test time, and failure modes can be identified within hours or days. With a short test time, you can have more time to redevelop and improve your products, and make it to the release date.

Testing Mechanics

HALT and HASS work by subjecting a product to overstresses that reveal weak nodes in the product. The processes use specialized equipment which render both variable vibration and thermal changes to create the highly stressful environment needed for the testing. The stress is increased incrementally until a failure in the product occurs. Once a weakness is revealed, you can take steps to improve the product. In fact, you can even let a product go through testing and improvement several times.

Other benefits of such test include client satisfaction. With reliable products, your customers’ needs can be met, and you can then earn their trust. You will also be able to avoid expensive redevelopment after release dates of products if your products have been found to have defects. Remember Samsung Galaxy Note7?

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