Business As Usual: Managing Your Business Even When You’re Away

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As a business owner, you’d want to oversee your business personally as much as possible. Even when you have trusted supervisors or business partners, it’s important that you’re able to check up on the business regularly and make sure that everything’s going smoothly. However, there will be times that you won’t be able to come to your business, it may be due to circumstances that force you to stay at home, or you might be away for a significant period of time for a vacation or something business-related. Whichever the reason is, you’d want to make sure that business continues as usual. So here are some straightforward tips to help you manage your business while you’re away:

Plan Ahead and Delegate

If you have a vacation or business travel scheduled, have a plan in place and plot out your staff schedules beforehand. Notify them of any deliveries and other scheduled activities and events that they should take care of or look out for when you’re gone. Though we can’t always foresee that we’d be taken away from our business all the time, so it’s a good idea to be prepared. As such, even if there’s an emergency, there should be plans in place just in case you’d have to be away from your business in short notice; assign a staff, business partner, or manager to oversee certain parts of the operations on your behalf, provide the keys, contact info, and other information they might need to keep the business going.

However, if you’re a key part of the operation — for example, you’re the business owner of a restaurant but also the only chef in your restaurant’s kitchen and you can’t entrust the cooking to your staff yet — you might want to consider closing up temporarily and letting your suppliers and customers know.

Communication Is Key


When managing your business, communication is always essential and perhaps even more so when you’re away. So make sure that you keep an open line of communication between you and your staff (or supervisor, manager, or business partner) so that you can contact them any time for inquiries, and they can contact you for any queries or issues that may arise while you’re away. You can utilize social media, Skype, online chatting, email, texting, or calling in order to keep in touch and be updated.

Invest in Cloud-Based Technology

One of the best ways for your order to properly manage your business while you’re away or at home is to invest in business software that allows you to access finances and operations all in one place, anywhere and in any authorized device. Your business should have a cloud invoice and billing software at your disposal in order for you to manage your customer sales, revenue, and inventory properly, as well as a cloud-based productivity software that allows you to manage schedules, tasks, and projects in order to oversee and communicate with your staff and team to ensure that operations are going smoothly even if you’re not there.

Having a cloud-based vendor and inventory management system would also be a great advantage in order to efficiently coordinate with your vendors and ensure that you’re properly stocked up in supplies and that your goods are properly tracked. Investing in a cloud-based business would even be beneficial even if you’re not away from your business or working at home.


Being able to know your options in order to manage your business while you’re away is important, especially if you’re just starting your business, or if you don’t have a trusted supervisor, business partner, or manager that can cover for you while you’re away. And, as we’ve mentioned earlier, even if you do have someone who can supervise and manage the system on your behalf, it’s still important to be able to check on it regularly. So the next time you’re on vacation, or if you need to work from home, rest assured that you’d still be able to manage your business with these tips.

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