Essential Characteristics of Refurbished Environmental Chambers

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A Test Chamber

Do you want to buy a refurbished environmental chamber? It seems like a good idea. After all, refurbished units should work just fine.

While refurbished environmental chambers are not really new, they should work like they are new. You can tell based on their characteristics.

Excellent Performance of Cooling Systems

Refurbished chambers should feature cooling systems that can perform well. Look at the chambers’ cooling systems. Do they have expandable systems? Or do they have mechanical refrigerants?

The big difference is in these cooling systems’ main function. In an expandable cooling system, you would need to put in a product (such as a gas or liquid). In a mechanical refrigerant, you would need a compressor – to go around a closed loop.

Humidity Range Controllers Should Meet the Standards

Do you know that the humidity range controllers for environmental test chambers need to tell you the exact temperatures? They can be of any type — such as atomizers, water pans, and boilers — as long as they are temperature-specific. These controllers should put in the right amounts – no more, no less.

Here is an example for you. You should put in 80F and 45%RH as is. You should also put in 62F and 45%RH as is. While there is no change in the %RH (or Relative Humidity Percentage) of the two, 80F and 45%RH is different from 62F and 45%RH.

For most manufacturers, the standard humidity range should be around 41F to 185F with 10%RH to 98%RH. The standard range should also come with a limited dew point. The dew point limitation is a way for these manufacturers to tell you about limitations in humidity.

As mentioned, a refurbished environmental chamber should work like new, and this is why you may want to go with refurbished chambers – rather than brand new ones. If you are either looking to save money or just looking for temporary test chambers, the refurbished kinds will not fail you. Just be sure to check the quality of the chambers you are planning to take home.

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