3 Ways to Win Against Your Business Competitors

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To succeed in business, you have to know how to beat your competition. Fighting for your slice of the market could be a great challenge if you don’t know how to approach the situation. You won’t be the best at everything, but you have to take multiple approaches to edge out your competitors.

Competition boils down to three main areas: your product, your customer service, and the way you run your business. How do you do better in each area? Here are some ideas:


When it comes to inching out your competition, quality is king. Know how much they are selling their products. Using price tracking, find out how much they sell a similar product or service and find ways to beat them — not by price point, but by quality. You can either add value to the product by including accessories or any other upgrade, or you could sell similar products that are of higher quality and are harder to find.

Customer service

A simple way to win more customers is to provide the best customer service. Train your staff to treat your customers with utmost care, politeness, and concern. Make sure that you address any customer complaint or inquiry immediately. Always be professional.


You can set yourself apart from the competition by running your business a little bit differently than others. How do you do this? It takes some brainstorming. Think of an approach that you want your business to be identified with. Some ideas include being the store with the greatest variety of products or the shop with the most bundle deals. You could also introduce value-added services like delivery or 24/7 operations.

Beating your competition is largely dependent on how well you can separate yourself from them. It’s not all about the race to the lowest prices. You can make your business and your products more valuable in other ways.

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