Feeding Your Passion for Smartphone: Doing Repairs for a Living?

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smartphone problemsSpecializing in smartphones seems like a very viable career choice nowadays. These devices advance so rapidly that one day, fixing them will be a purely professional endeavor. Even now, repairing software or hardware problems is not for the faint of heart. People rely on their smartphones for many things, and they’re not cheap. But, in the end, the value of a smartphone is more than its price tag.

As an IT professional, if smartphones are more appealing to you than your traditional troubleshooting options (PCs, laptops, etc.), there’s no need to deny your passion. A whole sector focuses on smartphones solely, and you can get in on it early.

Are Certifications Necessary?

Take the A+ test from Certblaster.com, for example. They offer one of the credentials that big players recognize, but what will it do for you?

For one, it will help you establish your authority on the subject, just like any certification. More than that, fixing smartphones is a complex matter. Whether you’re looking into founding a repair center on your own or finding employment, a certification proves that you put the effort of polishing your skills. You can take further training in smartphone modules and architecture, so you need not rely on one certification.

More importantly, it will benefit your career. There may not be a standardization for IT workers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t advance your credentials in other ways. Certification, plus experience, will make you an attractive hire for any company.

The Need for Third-Party Repairs

By now, everybody knows that being loyal to any smartphone brand is expensive. Thus, the rise of third-party smartphone repairers was inevitable. They do what manufacturers do at a fraction of the price. It has the air of pirate radio around it, and soon, this will be common practice to prevent a manufacturer monopoly on repairs.

Carving out a career in technology is usually about clinging to a company. Break the trend, and start a business yourself. The service is in high demand, and with the right credentials, you will be too.

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