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Five Great Ideas for Businesses on What They Should Post on Social Media

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It can be hard to get past a creative block when you’re trying to market a business on social media. One day, you’re swimming with ideas about what to post on Facebook and Instagram. The next day, you’re blanking out on what you need to post. It’s normal. Even the best marketers find themselves scrambling for ideas on what needs to be posted for a business campaign. Don’t fret. There are plenty of ideas from which you can draw inspiration for your marketing campaign.

It’s particularly hard if you’re doing social media marketing for franchises. You want to be different and unique from the social media accounts of other franchisees. How can your particular social media account stand out? What can you post that will be more attractive to your target market?

Blog Posts

By now, you should have already built a website for your franchise business. The website will provide all the needed information about your business—the mission and vision, the history of the franchise, the product lineup, the product prices, the contact information, and the blog. The best way to bring more traffic to your website, which should contain posts about your products and services and the challenges in the industry you are in, is to share a link on your social media pages.

Company Culture

You want people to build a connection with your business? Make a company culture post. This will show your customers how you differ from other businesses like yours. You can post images of behind-the-scenes production, corporate social responsibility activities, and office parties. These will humanize the people working in your company, and you will become more relatable.

Industry News


Find sources of news and information about your industry. If there are particularly challenging issues facing the industry, post them on your news feed and add a comment that will explain the situation to your customers clearly. If the news is affecting your business, let your customers know that you’re doing the best you can to make sure the issues are not going to stop your operations and production.


Do you have some cool trivia about your business, products, services, and top management? Your posts don’t always have to be formal and constrictive. You can post something fun, too. Your customers want to know how certain materials in your products are being sourced. If it’s a super cool fact, why don’t you share this information with them? How about post a question, either related or unrelated to your business? The point of these kinds of posts is to engage your followers.

Reviews and Testimonials

Let your fans’ voices be heard. Repost or retweet the kind words they are saying about your business. Make sure to leave a thank-you response to your loyal clients so that they know that their efforts of leaving testimonials and reviews are appreciated. People love to hear what other customers think about the business they are patronizing. When they hear that other people had a good experience with you, they are more likely to check what you’re offering.

You’ll never run out of things you can talk about on social media. Remember that it doesn’t always have to be connected to the business. You can share an anecdote that you think your followers will like. If they engage through that post, you’ve already done well. Think about what your followers want to hear and read, then work from there.

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