Every Mount and Blade Warband Mods Fan To Play Must

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Warband drew a lot of attention from the gamers, especially from the RPG fans. The singleplayer threw players in a vast, open-ended world with plenty of options but that wasn’t what made Warband stay alive for 8 years. Considering the fact that from a technical standpoint, Warband was outdated even when it came out, the game should have been dead years ago. The graphics are 15 years old and the sound design is not too shabby either. But what kept this game alive were 2 things: an amazing gameplay with easy-to-learn-but-extremely-hard-to-master combat and the huge modding community. Ever since the game was launched, developers welcomed the modding community and the game was open to all kinds of modifications and this gave way to thousands of different mods.

  • Exploring Westeros

Mount and Blade: Warband is a unique RPG that blends the strategy of tabletop RPGs like Total War with the ability to take the field with your army as your character to hack and slash alongside your troops. You can raise an army from peasants to knights, stake your claim on a province, join up with another army or kingdom, or even just amass wealth by traveling the kingdom as a merchant.

Essentially, you’re free to play a variety of playstyles as far as the game is willing to allow, but you’ll need the coin, the men, and the raw skill swinging a sword to make things happen. It’s this versatility that makes Breakonacloud suggests best mount and blade Warband mods the perfect setting for a Game of Thrones mod, because it lets you experience the cruel world of Westeros, with plenty of options in terms of how you play, while still forcing you to conform to the realities of a world that doesn’t care that you’re a player.

And it really is Westeros, every significant location in the game from Winterfell to King’s Landing can be found on the main map, with familiar characters and events to match. Periodically as you play your character will be invited to or notified of key events like the Red Wedding and Eddard Stark’s execution. Some of these events you can attend if you’re in the area, and because it’s a modded experience the quality varies wildly, but it’s a nice touch that reminds you what world you’re dealing with.

  • Watch your enemies lose their heads

There’s nothing more satisfying in this world than lopping off someone’s arm or leg, so let’s throw a little love towards the Decapitate and Dismember mod.

It’s an oldie but a goodie, and all of the enemies can be beheaded in the majority of scenarios. Just like in real life, it might take you a few tries to hack off a limb or ahead, but a little perseverance and elbow grease goes a long way.

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