Suggestions for Setting up a Home Office

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A lot of people choose to work from home because of the many advantages it offers. Freelancers love the flexibility of being able to make their own work schedule and the comfort of being able to work from their own space. But working from home does require some investments to set up a space where you can be at your most productive. Not having a set office to work in means that there are probably going to be some inconveniences for you, such as distractions caused by children or pets. Setting a home office is key for avoiding these disturbances. Here are some tips to keep in mind when setting up a home office:

Decide on what you need to buy

Office stationery

To start off, your home office is going to need a lot of things to feel complete and productive. You need to make a long list of things that you are going to buy. This should start at the bottom. Make a list of all the small things that you will need such as stationery products. Move up to larger equipment such as a desktop, multiple monitors, a printer, a dedicated router, and an office phone.

When it comes to setting up a home office phone, your old phone line will not work. You are going to need a dedicated phone with unlimited call options that you can use to communicate with clients exclusively. You can get a VoIP phone for residential or home use as this will ensure that you don’t have to share a line with your family.

Make sure that it’s comfortable

It is important to make sure that the space you have chosen is comfortable in every way if you are going to spend long hours in it. Make sure that the layout of the space is clean and uncluttered. You are going to need space for stretching out and thinking. Choose good lighting to avoid putting pressure on your eyes. Also, choose ergonomic furniture to avoid muscle pain. You can add other things to make your work space comfortable, such as an exercise ball, a humidifier, or even an aromatherapy diffuser that can keep you feeling rejuvenated.

Channel your creativity

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The best part about having a home office is that you get to channel your creativity. Your home office doesn’t have to be devoid of personality like a corporate office. Add a splash of color to brighten up your space. If necessary, add a few plants or a painting. Set up a tea station for when you get tired or add a dartboard for stress relief. Don’t be afraid of decorating your room with things that inspire you. If you are the type that needs music to work, you can set up an excellent sound system.

Setting up a home office is necessary if you are going to work from home. Just remember that you need to respect the space as a workplace. Don’t let in distractions and things from your personal life that can hamper your workflow.

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