Where is Growth in Freelancing: Your Top Priorities

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The 9-5 work shift is not for everybody. It might be the most common career path in the world, but it is far from the only option. There are many things that people might hate about the 9-5 life. Besides not having control over your work hours, you might find it unappealing to help your employers get richer as you struggle to work hard. As a result, people find ways to prevent themselves from falling under the average day desk job.

They can choose careers that do not have the 9-5 work shift, which might be enough to avoid falling into the traditional work routine. Some even brave competitive waters and start their businesses. There is also freelancing, a profitable career opportunity that allows you to be your own boss.

However, it can be challenging to progress your freelancing career compared to the average employee or entrepreneurial life. Corporate employees can benefit from their company experience, while business owners can observe their peers and hire assistance. For freelancers, the growth journey will vary.

However, growth and development are achievable for freelancers in many aspects. Prioritizing these areas can serve the average digital nomad well for their digital careers.

Digital and Technological Expertise

Freelancing is an attractive career path because people have full control of their schedules. They can take on the projects they like and turn down the clients they don’t want to work with, allowing them to format their daily routine into their preferences. However, freelancing also has its disadvantages.

Most freelancers rely on working remotely, performing their duties for their clients using only a laptop and a few apps. The purchases of your electronic devices and digital programs will be critical to your career. Depending on your industry, you might have to pursue the advancements and trends. Unfortunately, you are all on your own in this endeavor. You will have to perform research to understand the innovations in your industry.

Digital and technological advancements will ensure your services are up-to-date. Clients might find it odd if freelancers cannot use the latest apps and software or if their electronic devices feel outdated. Freelancing requires you to stay updated at all times, especially with the tools you rely on for work. Fortunately, you can rely on online learning tips to help you grow in that aspect.

Time Management

It can be satisfying to know that you have full control of your time as a freelancer. However, it doesn’t mean that it will be an easy journey. Clients expect you to be professional, which means keeping them in the loop about what is happening. Unfortunately, you might have too many clients expecting you to submit within given deadlines.

As much as you are in control of your time, freelancing will require you to create a schedule that can help you tick all the boxes. The deadlines can be overwhelming, even if they seem like easy tasks. Time management can prevent you from stressful work schedules, allowing you to stay as productive and efficient as possible. Procrastination, delays, fatigue, and stress could all disrupt your routine.

Fortunately, growth comes along the way. You will realize mistakes in your time management efforts and learn valuable lessons. It might be better to have a work schedule before you start your day, allowing you to go through your tasks one by one. If you still find it challenging to manage your time, consider letting go of a few clients next time. You can pace yourself until you can accommodate multiple projects simultaneously.

Missing out on profits can be unappealing, but it prevents you from draining whatever energy you have left. One delay could trigger a ripple effect that affects your relationship with other clients.

Personal Branding


Freelancing can be fun because you are profiting for yourself, not your employer. However, it means you represent your services as a business. In freelancing, you are part of the marketing pitch. Your portfolio, work ethic, communication strategies, and relationship management efforts will contribute to clients deciding whether or not to give the project to you. As a result, personal branding becomes a critical growth area. Freelancers have to be in the open, exploring different platforms and exposing their work to the public. Most of the time, they have to talk to potential clients themselves. However, it can be challenging to identify where you can start.

Social media is a popular choice, but LinkedIn proves to be a haven for freelancers. UpWork can also provide plenty of freelancing duties, exposing you to a professional network looking specifically for freelancers. Your personal branding strategies will net clients more so than your portfolio. If you can present yourself as a trustworthy service provider, customers will contact you themselves.

It can be fun to take on the life of freelancing, especially when you know that the 9-5 life is not for you. However, growth and development will be your responsibility. Fortunately, these aspects can help you achieve it.

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