High-Risk Facilities with Perimeter Security Systems

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Security SystemsEveryone is aware that some facilities need to be protected more than usual due to their nature. While it may not necessarily follow that there is gold in a particular area, of course, you wouldn’t expect a nuclear power plant to be open just for any visitor, right?

According to Perimeter Systems Pty Ltd, intrusion detection technology exists to protect private and commercial traffic flow from terrorist threat and sabotage. This also involves preventing unauthorised entry and limiting vandalism and harm to facilities or individuals.

Petroleum and Chemical Facilities

As anyone would expect, the most destructive way to incite crime is by concentrating on volatile areas such as a petroleum storage plant or chemical facility. Each year, according to the collated system report of security companies, crash-rated barriers are the most attacked areas worldwide. The industries and storage locations include:

  • Refineries
  • Warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Production chains
  • Oil rigs

Typically, the modus operandi of criminals and arsonists would involve running a vehicle over the facility’s blind spot, then setting up an explosion before anyone knows what hit them.

Utility Companies

Electrical and public water utility systems are also targeted because of the potential harm present in these facilities. When the controls in utility centres fall into the wrong hands, they can disrupt the supply of water and electricity. That’s why it’s of great importance to both the managing utility companies and third-party security systems to use perimeter technology to detect any hostile force before it gets too close and does harm.

Transportation Hubs

It’s a golden rule that without modes of transportation, the flow of everything becomes disrupted. In order for society and the government to function smoothly, the ports and air hubs should remain operational 24/7. To protect these critical areas, there are anti-terrorist barriers such as intrusion detection technology and speeding vehicle spikes that activate anonymously.

While some places are indeed more relevant than others, every place that has people inside and equipment to protect requires the necessary tech to protect them. For an excellent first line of defence, perimeters are the way to go.

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