Save on Energy Usage: Advice for Homeowners

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Energy UsageIt costs quite a sum to replace windows, doors, a roofing system, etc., but sometimes it is the only answer to your growing problems with insulation. Most homes in the U.S. and Europe could use some sort of improvement in insulation and the way they use energy. Here are some pieces of advice that you can follow if you’d like to find out whether your home needs such work.

Get an energy audit

Depending on your income bracket, you may be able to get an energy audit for free or for a small fee. Find out by asking your local government regarding this. You may also go to a private company regarding this. The fee is worth whatever you will be able to save in the long term.

Inspect your doors and windows

Every house is a system. When the system has a broken part, it is less functional. Inspect your home for air leaks to determine areas that need improvements in insulation. For example, if your door doesn’t open or close smoothly, the lock is broken, or you feel drafts coming in, work is definitely needed. You may have to replace it with an energy-saving door. The same is true about your windows, or if you want a window installed where there is only a wall. Remember, however, that you can’t work on a wall without checking for what may be inside, such as cables and wires. A circuit breaker locator is an affordable way to determine where your circuits run so you don’t damage them if you have to get the work done.

Inspect your roof

The roofing system is, perhaps, the largest system in your home, and leaks here will cause your energy usage to skyrocket. Unless you’re comfortable inspecting your entire roof from the attic and right above your house, better hire a professional to do it for you.

Inspect your siding

Siding is more than just for protecting your walls from the elements; it’s also for keeping the draft out and the cool or heated air in. In addition to energy concerns, insects and other pests may enter your home through cracked, missing, or broken siding. Invest in high-quality vinyl or other cost-effective material that goes well with the design of your house.

Follow these pieces of advice and soon you will notice the difference in your energy bills. The improvements will also make your house a lot more comfortable no matter the season.

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