Make It Memorable: A Comprehensive Guide to an Enjoyable Conference Closer

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The attendees of every conference—regardless of the type of conference—expect an enjoyable closing activity to cap off an already successful event. But how can you, with the event organizer’s help, make it memorable for them?

Event organizers want to leave a mark, so they oftentimes rely on convention and visitors bureaus (CVBs) or destination marketing organizations (DMOs) such as yours to provide insights and services. In turn, you can use both tourism and technology to give them what they want: an enjoyable and memorable conference closer.

Maximize Local Tourism

CVBs and DMOs give event organizers access to multiple services including site inspections and local service providers. Your job does not end there, though. You have to provide valuable information about the location so that they can plan a suitable schedule for their conference delegates.

For instance, recommend local dining hot-spots, cultural attractions, top ten activity lists, season-specific events, and insider tips to help the event organizers maximize their schedule. You can also offer maps, brochures, and souvenirs to make navigating the city easier for the delegates.

Put emphasis on local tourism because this it is what will seal the deal. Seminars and activities in a conference contribute to the delegates’ or their organization’s improvement. Where and how they hold the conference closer, however, make the event memorable; holding it in a destination unique to the city or town will inevitably leave a mark.

Make the Most of Technology

Speaking of local tourism, you can help event organizers provide a better experience for delegates through technology. A branded mobile app, like Visit Widget, lets them create an itinerary of the places and events to visit during their free time during the event, as well as before and after the conference.

On top of showing delegates their options for a conference closer, a branded app helps them map out their schedule to make the most of the local tourism while they’re in the area. This way, they no longer have to stress over the schedule. Instead, they can just focus on learning and networking during the conference—and then having fun afterward.

Conferences are a great way for business and organizations to network and grow. It might be a hectic time for event organizers and delegates alike, so reward them with a memorable conference closer that emphasizes tourism with the use of technology.

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