VPN Badge on a Smartphone

4 Clever Ways To Protect Your Browsing Data From Others

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VPN Badge on a Smartphone

Don’t think that you have enough protections regarding your browsing data? Do the following to ramp up your security:

Use a private secure VPN

A private secure VPN is one of the ideal ways to ensure that your browsing is protected from prying eyes. Privatetunnel.com explains that this technology enables you to access several applications and resources securely, like the Internet, over a less secure connection. The secure tunnel software is one of the resources needed to enable the use of a private secure VPN so make sure that you have that.

Turn on private browsing mode

Almost all major web browsers now have an option to do this. Through this feature, the browser will not be able to save any of your data like the websites you visited and the login details you used on the computer. This, however, does not mean that it is the safest option out there since websites can still track you from their end. If the risk is more on the physical access of to a computer, then this is your best option.

Only browse websites with SSL protection

Ever wondered what the padlock icon on the browser address bar means? It means that the websites are using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This means that the site is secured and that the Internet Service Provider (ISPs) will only be able to see the sites and pages you visited and not the content. Another way to know that SSL is in use is when the URL starts with https.

Go on anonymous browsing

Doing anonymous browsing means using a portable browser that will protect your browsing data by hiding your IP address and other important information. Even the ISPs will not be able to see your data!

Before doing all these, do remember that even with these protections, they can only extend your safety by so much. Vigilance is still the key in all things on the Internet.

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