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A Guide to Opening a Grocery Store After Retirement

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Some people dream of retirement with ample time to laze around. You will find plenty of individuals who are like this. And some will want to do something with their savings. Everybody indeed needs some time for relaxation and self-exploration. However, doing absolutely nothing for many days can drive you mad.

You can act on your passion and start something small revolving around that. Additionally, you can also look for some profit-making businesses. It really does not need to be big as a large company setup will set you back, with all your savings gone. Moreover, you might not have that same energy level to get the best out of that venture. Amongst the various opportunities, you can choose a grocery mart as a fresh idea. It is a lucrative way to make profits from essentials that everybody in your neighborhood will need.

How to Start a Grocery Store

You must probably know what a grocery store is all about. Everyone has visited one a million times in their lifetime. It is a business that sells groceries and household needs goods. It includes pulses, flour, grains, mugs, baskets, etc. One thing is for sure. You will never have a dull day. However, you need to finalize certain things before jumping head-on.

Business Model

It is crucial to think about the business model. Without it, you are a person without a goal. You have to decide upon the size and type of business. Answer a few questions to yourself. What do you plan to sell? Is it only groceries, or other knick-knacks too? Do you want to deal in various household amenities?

You can opt for either one brand, franchisee, or multi-brand departmental store. Moreover, the ownership model is also something that you need to figure out. You can either start with another retiree, your spouse, or take it singly. You can keep the idea of a company on hold for some time, at least. It is your choice. Each one has some pros and cons. The model you decide on will eventually lead you to decide upon the capital, licensing, and investment.

If you are a retired army person who was disabled during a war, you can also apply for a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business program. However, to get it, you need to fulfill certain eligibility norms. You can enjoy various funding opportunities through this program. The US government has devised this to boost economic growth. Moreover, you can gain a regular customer in the form of the government itself. Tax incentives are another benefit that such programs offer. Do your homework properly before starting your venture today.

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Location of Business

Location plays a crucial role in determining the success of your business. You should always look for an area where there is no store or less of these kinds. Places that are emerging residential plots are a good choice above all else. Moreover, certain societies and condominiums also give opportunities to such ventures to thrive in their gated community. You can get a store near your house. You must be above sixty, at least? And, no matter how fit you are, you may want to take less stress.

If you already had property nearby, this will be a good opportunity for you to use that. However, if you are taking a store on rent, look for low rental options. It can mean that you have to settle down for something off the main road. Do not fret, as you can start from there and scale up the business. Moreover, you will have residences there. Thus, for a grocery store to thrive, even that environment is perfectly fine.

Legal and Taxes

You will need some legal help with the documentation and licensing of your store. More so, if you are going ahead with a franchisee. You will also need assistance with the rental agreement. It should include all details of rent, terms, conditions of renewal, and other clauses on breach of contract. Get yourself registered at a local association. Finance personnel might also be able to help you with this.

Additionally, you have to work out the taxes with your finance personnel. Different states have different tax regulations. Find out about the rules in your state and proceed with the finance accordingly. In certain states, seniors get an additional discount too.

Recruitment of Staff

You have to be practical when it comes to recruiting staff for your store. If you are opting for a standalone store, you might be sufficient. Additionally, a young helper or assistant might suffice. However, if you are going for a departmental store, you need at least two to four people to manage the place. And that includes a cashier for the counter.


If you have always had this passion for business or doing something on your own, this is the time. Grab it before it flies away. These are a few effective ways you can follow to start your own grocery store.

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