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Tech Solutions: Protect your Company’s Data Assets

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Technology continuously provides the business industry with a myriad of innovative solutions for both large-scale ventures and daily corporate operations. Indeed, business owners face no shortage of digital tools that can assist them in many aspects—from sustaining a commendable customer service to seamless project implementation.

However, tech innovations don’t just bring positive things, as they also make businesses prone to issues like cyber attacks and data leakage. Such things can be detrimental to the state of any organization, especially if data theft of sensitive and confidential digital assets occur.

To prevent these undesirable cyber incidents, here are several guidelines that you can follow.

Invest in a cloud data backup service

A particular solution for improving an enterprise’s data security is cloud technology. It allows off-site access to and transfer of digital information.

Eric Rosenberg of The Balance explains that digital backups are incredibly critical in securing information in all company-owned devices. Accordingly, utilizing a cloud data backup system from a service provider enables you to lessen the risk of data loss from circumstances like hard drive failure, power surges, and other threats that can potentially destroy, delete, and even obstruct or remove the access of your employees to your company’s data.

A typical cloud data backup service works by sending and saving computer data to an offsite server or location. Usually, the server is hosted by an external network or third-party provider which will receive a set fee for its service from the backup client.

Additionally, Margaret Rouse of states that cloud data backup implementation can drastically improve and effectively monitor an enterprise’s data protection strategy. As a plus, it makes data recovery much less complicated as you won’t have to add to the workload of your company’s IT staff.

Consider automating incident response

Data security conceptNowadays, there are multiple options for digital tools, and software that can automatically record incidents and give a suitable protective response and solution. According to web writer Cynthia Harvey, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) solutions are reportedly going to be adopted by 15% of total organizations by 2020, thus changing the face of data security.

An excellent way to boost your company’s cybersecurity is using ServiceNow, which, according to Syncurity can be integrated to SOAR for Information Technology Incident Management and Security Operations.

ServiceNow apps allow enterprises and to conveniently orchestrate and automate investigation and response even without the need to hire employees who have special knowledge and expertise in coding.

Furthermore, ServiceNow has a seamless Security Incident Response (SIR) feature that can manage security incidents through different phases, such as from the initial analysis to the recovery.

Hire a business continuity manager

Alternatively, you can secure a short-term employment contract with a business continuity manager for his or her services. This professional is a risk analyzer who can be your first line of defense against recovery mistakes on data security disasters.

Moreover, they are capable of predicting possible issues and help you build a strategy ahead of time to overcome them. According to Infosec Institute, a business continuity manager is also a backup and recovery specialist that has substantial knowledge on protecting digital assets and resources to prevent breaches and block unauthorized access.

The Bottom Line

Your digital information assets must be kept protected and secured for the best interests of your company. Hiring a professional or investing in efficient tools can save you from costly digital troubles.

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