Warm Up the Lifeless: Electronics Can Freeze During Winter

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WinterWinter tiredness is common among humans. Give attention to your pets and plants too, as they feel the same winter depression just like you. Surprisingly, not only those living can feel the winter effect, but even lifeless things. Intense coldness can also affect those items you always hold on to, such as your phone and LCD.

Embrace the Electricity

It can be hard to get out and shovel snow to go somewhere for warmth. Imagine Minnesota’s winter, for example, then a house with a broken furnace Eagan parents’ with a baby need to deal with. They can warm up through clothing, but their electronics need the proper temperature, too.

You hug someone when it’s cold, but doing that to your electronics will be silly. You don’t actually need to embrace them literally; after all, you wouldn’t want to get electrified. Just set your air-conditioner or furnace on, and provide the right temperature.

The Ones Suffering From the Coldness

Here are some electronics that can wear down during winter:

  1. Computers or Laptops

Bringing a laptop from a cold to warm room can damage its internal components due to condensation. If you do this often, keep the house temperature same in all areas.

  1. LCDs

LCD stands for “liquid-crystal display,” and that means they can freeze at a certain temperature if it’s low enough. The backlight gets darker when the fluorescent tube that lights it up gets cold.

  1. Hard Drives

There are two types of hard drives, one of which uses fluid dynamic bearings (FDB). This can stop functioning when the fluid making it work thickens, delaying the spin that it needs to operate.

  1. Smartphones and Tablets

Battery and screen are the essential parts of these gadgets. A frozen battery can have altered charge capacity, while the screen might crack in frosty temperature.

  1. Cameras

A camera is like other electronic devices. It works because of the tiny components inside that can undergo condensation, too. The lens — that one vital part made of glass — can actually break when it’s freezing.

It helps to have a properly air-conditioned home to keep electronics last longer.

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