When Your Need for Coverage is Widest, Satellite is the Best

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SateliteIt’s easy to be amazed by all the apps an Android phone or an iPhone can give. For sure, nobody in his right mind would consider throwing away these gadgets. But when it comes to global coverage, chances are only one kind of phone meets the standard.

The Jet-setting Lifestyle

No doubt, getting you connected is the primary role of communication devices. No matter how powerful the device is, if it can’t get you connected, any smartphone is as good as dead. As Lifehacker shockingly illustrates, the biggest smartphone annoyances is failing to deliver. Though there are many workarounds, bad reception is a recurring problem for even the most expensive of these handhelds.

For a businessman who constantly travel the world, this could be a cause of alarm. When you need to get in touch with business partners who could be oceans away or check on a business from a remote place, staying connected is not an option you can trifle with.

It is for this reason that coverage is key. That said, a satellite mobile is tough to beat.

Satellite is the Answer

For technocrats and government bureaucrats alike, the reliability of satellite mobile also dubbed as a satellite phone is too hard to resist. Smartphones still rely heavily on cell sites to deliver SMS and voice messages. Once this infrastructure is damaged, communication grinds to a halt. This happens when heavy storms and catastrophes like earthquakes hit the continent.

Satellite-based communication, on the other hand, is free from the onslaught of these natural disasters. Moreover, as it is built to last, a sat phone has greater chances of surviving even the harshest of conditions or the roughest of terrains, compared to an ordinary cell phone.

However, what could be its biggest come-on is coverage. Quite simply, a satellite phone works wherever you are in the planet.

Even if you’re at sea, in the air or in the most remote mountainous regions, your sat phone gets you the connection you need.

When you talk about the widest of coverage, no phone outperforms a sat mobile.

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