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Why Your Website is Not Bringing in New Business

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Businesses in any industry thrive with technological advancements, and as the world evolves into a more competitive landscape, falling behind is not an option for business leaders.

With growing competition each day, you are not in the position to stand still. If you want to provide your clients and customers the best service that they would seek out even after the transaction, you need to automate your business operations to make them more efficient. A well-designed business model yields better results and return of income (ROI), but everything starts with the main sales funnel, or in this case, a website.

A website is not just your business and brand’s representation; it is also your central marketing tool. You do not develop a great website design to make yourself look good in front of internet users. You need your website to function as your 24/7 sales clerk that would accumulate and gather leads for you to convert.

Of course, there are other digital marketing processes at play here, but all roads lead to your website. It is supposed to be ancient day’s Rome, where people can find everything they need about your service.

From your available services, rates, contact information, and down to your organizational objectives, a potential customer must find all of these on your website. So, if you are struggling to attract customers online, here are possible reasons why:

Your Website is Not Responsive

What do we mean by a responsive website? A website with responsive features is flexible enough to be viewed on different and multiple devices without losing its dynamics. Due to the rising number of smartphone users worldwide, Google decided to make responsiveness a huge factor in ranking websites. So if you are not getting any clients from your supposed sales funnel, this could be one big reason.

If people cannot view your website properly, they would not really take their precious time to figure out why the page looks funny on their device, they would simply tap back. Do you know what that means? You just lost a potential customer to a competitor.

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Your Website Takes a Long Time to Load

Following that point above, when a website takes a long time to fully load on the screen, people just exit the page too resulting in a higher bounce rate. Studies say that it only takes two seconds for a customer to unconsciously decide whether to continue browsing your website or not. Those two seconds are the deciding factor to get a customer online, akin to making an impression. So, you wouldn’t really want to set a bad one with a slow website.

It can happen for many reasons, maybe you overdid things and included so much media content on the home page. Maybe you just simply have too many folds, and it can also be because of a poor programming job by your developer. Whatever the case is, you need to address it asap as your page load time is important for lead conversions.

Your Website is Too Text-Heavy

Do you ever read a poster with too many words? No, you don’t, and this is also the same with online users. When they see a page with too many words to read, their eyes glaze over, and again, they just exit the page.

Understandably, you want to inform potential clients and customers about who you are, what you can do, and why they should trust you, but you need to do this the right way. SEO and content marketing helps with this regard, and there are aspects that you should adhere to, such as the proper use of headings and subheadings. There are also page breaks and folds, and usually, it all boils down to your SEO optimization strategies.

When you stuff your home page and About Us page with too many words, you are not doing more harm than good. There is a reason why infographics and video marketing are booming, it is because they are easy on the eyes. When creating a new website, remember that majority of the people are visual learners and incorporate it into your web content next time.

With all the technological advancements in marketing today, your business should at least have a well-designed and well-functioning website to be your sales funnel. Any business would not be wrong to start with a website, and if you do not have any idea how to start, you can always work with discovery services to arrive at the best website and site map plan for your business.

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