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Wet Dust Collection: The Key to Keep Your Work Environment Dust-free

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Wet Dust CollectorDoes your workplace generate a large amount of dust, ash, or fine sawdust from wood? Does your workplace work with metals like magnesium, aluminum, or titanium, which can be a health risk when inhaled? Then you need to have a wet dust collector in your workplace.

What is a Wet Dust Collector?

Wet dust collection systems work on the principle of washing, scrubbing, and fogging contaminants in the air and collecting them on the base of the system as wet sludge. These systems employ the suction system where water and air come in contact with each other and clash to form a dense paste at the base after combining. Hence, cleaning the air and making it suitable for breathing.

Do You Really Need It?

You might be wondering whether you need a wet dust collection system or not, as you have been working on the same site for a long time already without harm, but here is what you need to consider:

  • Dust in the environment can increase the risk of explosion or fire.
  • Dust inhaled can lead to serious health risks.
  • Explosions and fires due to dust can affect a business to have devastating effects.
  • Too much dust can lead to severe environmental effects.

In addition, overexposure can lead to health risks like:

  • Eye, Throat and Nose Irritation
  • Minor to Serious Skin Irritation
  • Symptoms of Exacerbated Asthma
  • Acute Respiratory Damage
  • Lung Cancer
  • Kidney and Liver Damage
  • Damage to the Central Nervous System

From minor irritation to serious organ damage and cancer, dust can pose a huge threat to any individual if inhaled on a frequent or regular basis. The use of wet dust collection systems in such conditions is your best possible bet, as it can ensure your and your co-workers’ health.

Have complete peace of mind and promote better health in the workplace with a one-time investment on a wet dust collection system. You wouldn’t regret your decision.

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